Colin Cloud Live UK Tour – Coming to The Carriageworks, Leeds

Colin Cloud has attracted a great deal of attention, from his native Scotland to New York, Las Vegas and Australia…..

He has deeply impressed his audiences with his insight and his ability to read the audience’s most personal and intimate thoughts.  Therefore, audience members will be taking a risk, alongside a leap of faith, when they attend Colin’s show at The Carriageworks Theatre on 3 October.

His success includes reaching the America’s Got Talent finals in 2017, as well as four sell-out seasons at the Edinburgh Fringe, where his act has been voted amongst the top 3 of 4,000.  Quite a record!

If you haven’t seen Colin perform before, then join the millions who have on YouTube and the audiences who have been left stunned, the critics intrigued, and most of all, those who have been bowled over by Colin’s memorably outrageous performances.

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