Leeds Pub Piano Competition – a revival at The Tetley

It is close to 30 years since the last The Leeds Pub Piano Competition.

The competition is being sponsored by Tetley’s and staged at The Tetley, in collaboration with Leeds International Piano Competition, Leeds International Concert Season and Leeds College of Music.

The heat and the final should both prove to be highly entertaining, with performances by some of the most talented musicians in Leeds, who all have the opportunity to play music of their personal choice.

In front of a no doubt enthusiastic and supportive audience, together with judges from Leeds College of Music, the  competitors will play a six-minute set in the heat on 6 September from 7 p.m.  Judges will take account of audience response but the final decisions will be those of the experts.

Winners will appear at the final on 13 September from 7 p.m., playing a longer set for cash prizes.

Application forms are available here

PLEASE NOTE the closing date for applications is 6 August.

The Tetley will be offering some excellent deals on beers and wines on both evenings, an additional incentive towards making the competition a huge success and worthy of its revival.


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