National Spoken Word Tour – Nymphs and Thugs LIVEWire

Some of the UK’s most prominent spoken word artists will perform at Hyde Park Book Club on 2 October, 4 December, 5 February and 1 April.  The performances are part of the LIVEWire tour, alternating with dates in Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and Colchester.

Nymphs & Thugs are producing, and are the UK’s independent spoken word record label whose acts include internationally renowned Salena Godden, who will be joined in Leeds on 2 October by Nafeesa Hamid, a Birmingham-based rising star.

Founder Matt Abbott, a spoken word artist hailing from Wakefield and host for the night said  “I’m addicted to watching spoken word, and when it’s presented in the right environment, it can be a life-changing experience. It’s an art-form which most folks choose to ignore, and I can understand why, but with ‘LIVEwire’, we’re changing that.”

Salena Godden added “‘LIVEwire’ events see poetry rebels and renegades forming electric line-ups of the bold and courageous, the truth seekers, the powerful poets that speak out for equality and justice.”

Since its formation in 2015, Nymphs & Thugs has been entirely self-funded, but some support has now been given towards its work and its aims from Arts Council England’s National Lottery fund.

Photograph of Matt Abbott provided by Nymphs & Thugs.

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