Chatime Specialist Tea House Coming to The Merrion Centre in February

Leeds’ first franchise of the world’s largest international specialist tea house, Chatime, arrives at the Merrion Centre in February on Woodhouse Lane.   The company has 23 other UK branches and in total, 38 countries currently house a total of 2,500 stores.

Vincent Deng, a business developer, will run Leeds’ first Chatime, offering a variety of specialist drinks, including some which are served with a variety of edible “pearls”.  As well as an extensive take-out menu (fruit, oriental, milk, fresh, QQ jelly, mousse, smoothies and coolers) there will also be seating for up to 18 customers.

Vincent is enthusiastic about this new venture:

“As Chatime continues to expand, we’re extremely excited to be bringing our concept the Merrion Centre and Leeds. Being located in the heart of the City and so close to the extensive international student population gives us access to a diverse mix of customers, including those from overseas that have already grown to love the fantastic Chatime brand. Chatime is the most loved and respected Tea House in the world and we are committed to serving a consistently high quality and extensive variety of teas whilst also providing outstanding customer service. We look forward to opening in February and becoming part of this ever-evolving area within Leeds City Centre”.

Feature image provided by Hairy Lemon PR:
Left to right: Vincent Deng, Business Developer, Chatime & Helen Green, Associate Director, TCS

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