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An interview with Savages

9 February 2016
An interview with Savages
After the success of their first album the four piece Savages return with their latest full length Adore Life, which has already been heavily applauded within the media. Rob Chadwick manages to sit down with band member Fay Milton about their latest piece, working with legendary producer Trentemoller and their up and coming Leeds show at the Irish Centre on February 23rd.

Tell us about the second album Adore Life. What did you learn from the first one that you brought into this one?

Well to be honest the first was like a snapshot of our style and sound. We were new to the main stream masses so we wanted to put our point across and offer a well rounded piece. The 2nd one offers a more raw ethos in my opinion. We have beefy drums, heavier bass and it flows a lot more. We kind of pulled it all apart and stuck it back together if you like; it's not over produced; it's really organic.

All the tracks have such depth to them but were there any stand out moments when making the release?

I think getting it finished on time was a stand out moment.


Yeah, you know you never really know if your album's good or not so there were no real stand out moments until we looked back and admired, and we are really happy with the finished piece. I really feel with different moods I have different opinions on it. It's like looking at a painting you have literally just completed but right up close to it. Do you know what I mean?

Do you have a favourite track?

Adore definitely; it's slow, it's got that ballad feel to it, it's moving and reminds me why the album means a lot to us.

I understand Trentemoller mixed down the piece too, a bit of a hero of mine. What was it like working with him?

Jonny our producer went on tour with Anders who is also a fan of his. He really thought it could work with him involved, offering his insight to the piece, so we wanted to work with him straight away. He created such a canvas for us once he finished his test mix; it really offered that extra angle that we couldn't turn down. He was great to work with; his balance, his ideas and how he created such an atmosphere for us to work with.

You’ve had a special show in London recently also. Were you excited?

You know we are quite jet lagged right now, so that has been taking over our lives for the past few days. Also I need to add that the gig was at 8am. God knows why! Think we just thought it would be a good idea.

Really, why 8am?

I think with it being a strange time, we loved it at the first glance. I'm regretting it now, believe me. You know we kind of got that idea of people walking down Oxford Street where the gig is on their way to work will stop and want to pop in and get a glimpse of the band in action. We felt we could liven up their morning strolls to work.

Do you prefer those more intimate shows as opposed to festivals or bigger arenas?

You know each one of the band is different. If you asked Gemma, she would say the tiny ones. Me, I love the festivals. I love playing to larger audiences and venues. Not just that but you also get such a cosmopolitan crowd and you get to walk around and check out other bands in action.

I actually also saw the video for The Answer which has a raw undertone and has a really intense vibe to it, what were your ideas surrounding that?

You know we actually work with the director really closely on all our videos so we have such a good idea of what he has in mind. This time we wanted to really portray what a gig or show looked like to us being on stage and not having the cameras pointing at us. We shot the video in Portugal and literally had the audience dancing for 8 hours until we got it right. It was insanely tiring for us all.

...and of course you'll be playing here in sunny Leeds this month - what are the Leeds crowds like in reaction to your music? Do you have any memories?

You know Leeds has always been good to us, especially the Live at Leeds guys who have always pushed our music. We played at The Student Union to a packed audience and that was really fun. Leeds has such a rich history of music and we love coming back there. We can't wait for the gig.

And finally festival season is around the corner, where can we catch you?

A lot is still up in the air or to be announced so I don't want to get in trouble just yet. But if you're over in Barcelona then we are at Primavera and the line up is amazing. We are really looking forward to checking out LCD Soundsytem and PJ Harvey.

Savages play Leeds Irish Centre February 23rd. Buy tickets here.

Rob is a Volunteer Writer for Leeds Living specialising in Music/Dance. He works in music PR, promoting club nights and events in Leeds