Bundobust’s Specials Until 27 October

What better way to celebrate National Curry Week (6 – 13 October) than for Bundobust to offer traditional Anglo-Indian Curry house classics at special prices.

The specials menu, which will be on offer until 26 October, will showcase the Curry Mile flavours originating in Bradford, Birmingham and Leicester.  Bundobust’s five years of serving up traditional Indian food have won them national renown for vegetarian street food, and this tongue-in-cheek menu will inevitably add a signature twist to the staples.

Mayur Patel, Co-Founder of Bundobust:

“For the past five years I’ve been proud to showcase my culinary heritage by bringing traditional, regional Indian cooking to a wider audience, and we’ve been amazed at the response we’ve had from people, when the mainstream experience of Indian food typically extends to the dishes you’d find on the Wetherspoons Curry Club menu.  Since we opened there’s been a bit of an ongoing joke about Bundo not being the place to go for a korma or a vindaloo, so for National Curry Week we decided to have a bit of fun and do…a korma and a vindaloo.

It’s been fun working within the expectations of such familiar dishes, and the kitchen teams have had a great time giving us their ideas. I think we’ve struck the perfect balance between delivering that familiarity of the dishes whilst putting our own spin on them, and also giving a nod to the original recipes that the Anglicised versions have been adapted from. Just don’t even think about ordering chips.”

Here’s the specials menu:

Poppadoms – £3  with pickle tray (v, gf)
Vegetable Pilau – £3 (v, gf)
Korma – £6  Paneer dumplings with sultanas in a creamy coconut and almond sauce spiced with cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon. (gf)
Vindaloo – £6  Our spiciest dish EVER. Cauliflower and mixed peppers in a Kashmiri chilli and vinegar sauce. (v, gf)
Combo – £20  Poppadoms, Bhajis, Korma, Vindaloo & Pilau. (gf)  

The Specials will remain on the menu in each Bundobust venue (Leeds,Manchester and Liverpool)  for a limited period.  Go for the Combo and get a portion of bhajis thrown in too. Come eat them out of (curry) House and Home.

Feature photograph by Ben Bentley.

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