Mike’s Tap Room – Launched This Week to Support Small, Independent Breweries

This week sees the launch of Mike’s Tap Room, founded by Mike Hampshire and specialising in offering small, independent micro-breweries the support they so often need.  

 “Last year I ran the Festival of Brewers.  The festival only showcased small and independent breweries. I wanted to give them a platform that wasn’t overshadowed by the more well-known names in the industry,” says Mike.

 “At the festival, I began to appreciate just how tough it was for these breweries that only have one or two people doing everything: brewing, sales, publicity, social media and so on; it’s a lot!

 I’m so passionate about the beer industry and, as a champion of small breweries, I want to help them.”

Mike is confident that he can do just that.  His services include day-to-day operations as well as, just as crucially, sales.   He can help with events planning and the events themselves – and whenever there’s a need for a mailshot or to keep up the momentum with social media, or the mundane but so time-consuming office admin.    It must appeal hugely to some brewers, whose passion is in the brewing, not the bureaucracy!

Those of us who have experienced the frustration of having to do all those other jobs in order to keep doing the one we love will readily empathise with Mike’s mission!

‘Mosaic’ Mike Hampshire is a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers, the National Coordinator for Tryanuary, a Leeds guide for UK Brewery Tours and Founder of Festival of Brewers.

 You can find out more about the company, Mike and the services he offers here.

 Mike’s Tap Room Ltd. is also on Twitter @mikestaproomltd.

Information on Festival of Brewers can be found at https://www.festivalofbrewers.co.uk

Feature photograph provided by Mike – he’s the one in the middle!


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