On Thursday 15 August Only – A Special Bundobust Occasion

Bundobust is doing something rather special for Raksha Bandhan tomorrow – giving some customers 20% off Bundobust meals for 12 months.

Raksha Bandhan is an annual ceremony in India and those influenced by Hindu culture worldwide.  Sisters tie a rakhi – a bracelet – around the wrists of brothers which is a symbol of protection, and they in return receive a gift.  The brothers are thereby invested with a share of the responsibility of their care.
Bundobust will be giving out rakhis tomorrow, and the first 50 customers wearing rakhis who wish Bundobust ‘Happy Raksha’ will benefit from the discount from meals for a year, that is until Raksha Bandhan 2020, when anyone still wearing their rakhi will receive a free Combo for 4.
Feature photograph by Stan Graham.  Remaining photographs provided by Chapter 81.

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