Revolución de Cuba’s Latest Reviewed by Rosie O’Brien

Calling Cuban Revs by its full and proper title, Revolución de Cuba, feels a bit like when your mum yells your full name and you know you’re really in for it. But far from a telling off, this Leeds party scene stalwart deserves a star on its reward chart because the new food and cocktail menus are properly good.  After a long, and I really do mean long week, I dived out of the dark, rainy streets of Leeds into the buzzing surrounds of, what I will continue to affectionately call Cuban Revs, ready for a quick cocktail and some dinner before returning home ahead of a joy-filled evening of packing boxes and prepping for my upcoming move South.  

Rum is a firm favourite of mine that’s often overlooked in favour of the ever-trendy gin, so it’s nice to see a cocktail menu so thoroughly dedicated to the spirit. Given the week I had, I immediately gravitated towards the Nuclear Daiquiri.  Complete with flashing green glass and candy floss mushroom cloud, this radioactive green combination of Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, Wray & Nephew Overproof rum, pineapple, lime, sugar and crème de banana may not be the most tasteful drink I’ve ever had, but it is deeply tasty, and I’m a sucker for a good tagline – “Blended, frozen and guaranteed to cause fallout the morning after.”

The vast selection of tapas dishes available looked gorgeous, and I’m already planning a return visit for the Halloumi Tacos, Charred Halloumi (with a chilli jam glaze – YUM) and Chorizo Croquetas. But exhausted from The Week, I veered straight for the mains, and there was only one choice – the Quesadilla Burger. Given my least favourite part of a burger is the bun, don’t @ me, this was the perfect solution. A hand-pressed burger, mozzarella, hot chilli cheese, spinach, spiced sugar and Serrano ham inside a quesadilla was absolute heaven – at least for my tastebuds if not my arteries.

Topped with pico de gallo for a hit of fresh tomato acidity to cut through the weight of the various cheeses, and served with fries and a rum mayo, it was exactly what I needed ahead of my busy box-filled evening – or, if you’re having more fun than I am, perfect to line your stomach ahead of several more Nuclear Daiquiris.  

With no room or time left for pudding, I headed away from the revellers at Revs and back out into the cold, but at least my stomach was glowing with a little Cuban warmth.  

Feature photograph by Stan Graham

Other photographs by Rosie O’Brien

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