The latest offerings at Trinity Kitchen from 15 February

It’s that time again, the changing of the guard at Trinity Kitchen. For those of you who are unaware of this space, it is on the first floor of the Trinity Shopping Centre and is home to a Champagne Bar and several eclectic eating places. Apart from the permanent establishments, there is a specially constructed ‘street’ which is where smaller vendors of – you guessed it – street food are given a six-week long tenure. The latest batch have all the bases covered, from Malay and Indian through to Pie and Peas. Sadly, the latter, Mr D’s Magnificent Pie Machine, was closed on this occasion, so we were unable to sample his growlers, but all of the others were on hand for us to taste their produce.

Photographs by Stan Graham

Even with an appetite the size of mine it was impossible to sample wares from all of the stalls, but I gave it my best shot. I had a Nasi Goreng from Dapur Malaysia, which is spicy fried rice with chunks of chicken topped with a fried egg and crispy onions. It was absolutely delicious. The lady who runs this business is from Malaysia and the food is cooked to her grandmother’s recipes.  Her grandfather must have been a very happy man. I also had tastes of Dirty Fries from the Yorkshire Wagyu Beef truck called Wagyu Lookin’ At, which comprised Skinny Fries topped with Apple Wood Smoked Pulled Pork, Cheese Whizz and Louisiana Style Sweet and Smokey BBQ. I was informed by a colleague that their Wagyu Beef Burgers were just as delicious as this.

Dirty seems to be the theme of the carts this time as there was a truck amusingly called Slap and Pickle, selling Hot Dogs and what the owner described as ‘dirty vegan food.’ He said that vegans get a bit of a raw deal when it comes to food as it is usually very clean and healthy, so he thought that they should be given an opportunity to get down and dirty with some food which is a bit more sinful, which is why he provided a plate of vegan fries with veg sausages, mayo and sauces. I am a meat eater and could not tell the difference between this and a carnivore’s platter. If you would prefer something from the main menu they can do any item in a vegan option. How cool is that?

I am afraid that I didn’t get to try a Steak Sandwich from the truck dedicated to that particular delicacy, or an Indian dish from Pav’s, but at least it gives me an excuse to return to Trinity Kitchen, which I believe is the best food hall in any shopping centre I’ve visited in the country.


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