Trinity Terrace at The Alchemist

On behalf of Leeds Living, I attended the launch event for the recently renovated terrace at The Alchemist. 

On arrival, I was given a couple of miniature glass bottles which served as drink tokens – a very cool idea that made me smile before I had even stepped through the door. Once inside the incredible venue, I headed straight to the bar to try one (or two) of the theatrical cocktails on offer.  I loved watching the mixologists at work, and was amazed by the sparkly, frothy and bubbly cocktails that were created. 

I opted first to try the ‘Bubble Bath’, which although was tough to drink (owing to the never-ending bubbles) tasted incredible. The heady combination of Tanqueray gin, Aperol, Chambord, lemon and apple created a sweet drink that was very easy on the palate. The bubble effect was created by a secret ingredient which the mixologist told me was called fairy liquid! An epic drink that is not to be missed.

After a few sips of the bubbling creation, I headed to the heated wrap around terrace, which boasts amazing views of the City and a choice of seating areas. I found a spot with cushions, great views and a heater, and enjoyed the rest of my cocktail whilst watching the world go by.

It was time to head back to the bar to try another one of the Alchemist’s options, this time choosing the ‘Light Bulb moment’.  This cocktail could have been a science experiment, served smoking and in a glass shaped like a lightbulb. Thankfully I was given a second glass because otherwise, it could have been pretty messy!  I was instructed to pour the smoking liquid into the second glass and I’m glad that I did because I loved watching as the orange liquid smothered the ice, and the smoke engulfed the glass – incredible!  Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the strong ginger flavour of the cocktail as much as the sweet fruity flavours of the Bubble Bath, but none the less I loved the smoky experience.

Whilst sipping away at my second cocktail, I was offered a selection of canapés, including sushi rice balls with crispy wasabi crisps, mini lamb koftas, and delicate eclairs.  The nibbles went really well with the heady cocktails and helped to keep post-work hunger pangs at bay.

With a refreshing cocktail in hand, and a soft spot to sit, the terrace is sure to make a great place for some R&R after a long day at work this summer.  


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