Werks – A new approach to hospitality recruitment

Anyone who’s ever recruited people knows how stressful it can be: the expense of placing ads, cluttering up your social accounts, trying to make sure news of your vacancy reaches the right people…..and recruitment to the hospitality sector, in particular, is fraught with those difficulties.  This is where Werks comes in.

Werks is a new company getting ready to launch a new app, in March 2019, which will match a full spectrum of hospitality workers to the best chefs and employers in the City, and what’s more, the app is designed to marry up the most relevant workers to the appropriate places to work.

Werks and the app have been Masterminded by Justin Taundi and Chris Marshall and create a user friendly platform to relieve small business of the worry of recruitment – and the expense.  No more inefficiency, no more agencies, no shuffling hard copy CVs or placing ads in shop windows – and it’s not just the employers who benefit: job-hunters can search for permanent jobs and use the Werks Suitability Score, which helps them find out more about what’s on offer and whether a prospective employer is the one for them.

Both employer and employee can chat electronically, too.   From personal experience, I know that’s so much better than all the effort made to attend interviews, only to have to go through the motions and hide the disappointment.

Businesses can use the app to showcase what they do and who they are, and job-seekers can set up a profile which acts as their CV.  Together, a compatibility score can be created, sharing aims, location, particular interests and of course availability and the practical stuff like hours and other conditions.

Justin Taundi gave a little insight:

Why Leeds? Leeds has one of the most exciting hospitality scenes, with unrivalled growth year-on-year. The City is forward-thinking; the tech and digital industries are exciting, and somewhat interlinked with the hospitality industry. It’s also our City that we know and love. We have great people to collaborate with, in a market we know, and it was therefore a good place to start!

Werks’ founders Chris and Justin are also committed to building a socially-conscious business. They want to contribute to eradicating injustice, from a labour and workforce angle, so 2% of all revenue will be donated to Modern Slavery Charities, starting with hopeforjustice.org.

Register your interest in the app here www.itwerks.co.uk






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