Rosy & Glow – Combining Wellness With Celebrating Independents in Leeds

Emma Streets talks to the founders of Rosy & Glow about how they met, their rationale for their company, and their partners, Veeno.

It’s no secret that the health and wellness industry is thriving. A quick #wellness search on Instagram yields over 11 million results of food, exercise and yes, the omnipresent inspirational quotes.

Whilst we may not all aspire to gym-honed perfection, the #fitspo movement has inspired many people to reassess their lifestyles and interests. But it’s not all protein powders and avocado toast (are we done with the avocado obsession yet?) – wellness can mean simply taking more time for you, to enjoy interests that just happen to benefit your body and mind.

This was the inspiration when former law lecturer turned PT Natalie Ledgard met former corporate manager turned aromatherapist masseuse Kathryn Orrah earlier last year.

Natalie said: “*We were working together at the time and after talking to clients and businesses in the area, and over one too many glasses of prosecco one day, we realised that there was a gap in the market for health, beauty and fitness-related events. From some initial ideas scribbled on a beer mat, we had a serious conversation and Rosy & Glow was born!*

*For us, the definition of wellness comes from activities – physical, mental and emotional – that make you feel good. Everyone leads such fast-paced, stressful lives and often striving for wellness can add to the pressure. Taking time out with friends, loved ones or colleagues that helps to relax the mind and body IS wellness. Whether that’s a massage, boot camp, pottery class, make-up masterclass or wine tasting, it’s dedicated ‘you’ time and an escape from everyday life.*

*There is no shortage of bars and restaurants in Leeds, but not everybody wants to start on the cocktails at midday. We offer groups the chance to experience fun, healthy activities…often there are still cocktails involved; they just happen a little later in the day!*”


Leeds’ thriving creative and independent food and drinks scene was also a source of inspiration for the duo. Kathryn said: “*We decided to create Rosy & Glow only if we could work with the best businesses and offer the most unique events. For us, that means independents or boutique chains, as we are passionate about showcasing Leeds and Yorkshire as the best leisure destination in the UK. Leeds also has a strong sporting reputation, with the annual Tour de Yorkshire and World Triathlon Series helping to put health and fitness firmly on the agenda.*”

One of Rosy & Glow’s first partners is Italian wine café and family business, Veeno, with 2 sites in Leeds City Centre. Drawing parallels with Natalie and Kathryn, the company’s co-founders, Nino & Andrea, met playing a game of football in Manchester in 2013, where they discovered that they both missed the Italian aperitivo culture. By the end of the year they had opened their first wine café and have since added 10 sites nationwide. Ricky Heath, National Partnerships & Events Manager at Veeno, said: “*The story of two friends building a business through something they love and enjoy is the perfect synergy of how Nino & Andrea created Veeno, The Italian Wine Cafe. Partnering with Rosy & Glow made perfect sense in a sector that is rapidly growing.*”

The combination of wellness, Yorkshire tourism and celebrating independents in Leeds is sure to be a popular one – Rosy & Glow aims to take the stress out of organising events and bring more wellness into your life, even just for one weekend. It’s a new venture worth toasting.

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