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A Rum Journey at Revolucion de Cuba

23 November 2015
A Rum Journey at Revolucion de Cuba
Seated in the quintessentially Cuban cove of a bar complete with barrel tables, Hawaiian flowers and candlelight, the Santa Teresa Rum tasting night provided a thoroughgoing Cuban experience perfect for any rum enthusiast. On arrival we were greeted with a delicious complimentary rum based cocktail before being taken on our Rum Journey.

The journey at Revolucion de Cuba began with an insightful discussion of rum, including its historical, geographical and production context. The informative nature of the night contributed to an enjoyable and sophisticated alcohol experience, as while we were led through each of the four variations of rum, they were placed specifically in their context. Equipped with information of how to smell and taste the drinks so as to get the most out of the tasting experience, we were leisurely guided through each drink. We then moved on to an exploration of the way in which chocolate heightens the rum tasting experience, tasting a variation of milk and dark chocolate alongside the alcohol. The four-staged layout of the rum tasting allowed for an insightful and sensually explorative experience ideal for all rum enthusiasts. Moreover, the pleasantly informal nature of the discussion meant that the educational aspect of the night maintained, rather than dampened, Revolucion de Cuba's distinctly relaxed atmosphere, as it both welcomed free discussion and sought to heighten the overall experience.

The night ended with an authentic selection of nachos and Cuban dip, along with the option to make your own cocktail. If you chose to make your own cocktail or simply to watch, it nonetheless provided an insightful experience of cocktail production, not simply in terms of the flavours’ chemistry but also in the drinks aesthetics. The ‘White Christmas’ cocktail which I made, combined a dark rum coffee liqueur with a half milk half cream topping, leaving me with a cocktail which I felt perfectly encapsulated its title. Santa Teresa Rum Night is exemplary of the events which Revolucion de Cuba hosts, offering fun and enlightening experiences in a distinctly contemporary setting. The event was indicative of Revolucion de Cuba's genuine passion for its alcohol, as well as its lust to share and insight this passion with their customers. This contemporary haven is perfect for both rum enthusiasts and casual customers alike, and despite its location at the heart of the metropolis, it provides a transformative experience akin to lounging out in a Caribbean paradise

By Becki Ward
Becki is a Volunteer Writer for Leeds Living covering events all across the city of Leeds, on topics such as eat/drink, retail therapy, music/dance and culture.