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Almost Famous, Infamously Delicious

13 January 2016
Almost Famous, Infamously Delicious
These days, if you’re looking for a simple cheeseburger, you may be looking for some time. Like craft beer and street food, artisan burgers are in the midst of a revamped heyday. Ingenuity has become a buzzword in the burger biz, as restauranteurs compete for the most show-stopping creations and eyebrow raising concoctions. Manchester-born Almost Famous is in the running for most inventive burger joint, with a slightly intimidating menu of stacked burgers and loaded fries. What’s more, it’s one of the rare restaurants where the burger you’re served looks as tantalising in reality as it does in photographs.

3 of Almost Famous'showstopping creations:

“Shut up, America”: Back by popular demand

Almost Famous, Infamously Delicious Article 1 We headed along to try out the “Shut Up, America” burger, back by popular demand. Buttery beef cooked medium rare, cheese, bacon and jalepenos, topped with a, wait for it…Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich. Unusual, yes, but does it work? For those of you who dip your fries in your milkshake, Almost Famous is onto a winner. Fusing sweet, salty, sour and hot is a bold move, but they pull it off and it’s no surprise the masses voted to bring this burger back.

We also took the Johnny Mac burger for a test drive, and it was far from a car crash (although it was certainly messy!). Bursting with beef, cheese, streaky bacon, onions, Cool Doritos with a Mac & Cheese ball balanced on top, this is not a burger for the faint-hearted or the waist-watching. What it is is pure indulgence; hearty, heavy comfort food that will put you in a satisfying, almost drunken, post-meal stupor.

To accompany our burgers we had portions of the controversial Love Hate fries, slathered and cooked in Marmite butter, and the restaurant’s signature Bacon Bacon fries, drenched in Bacon mayo and sprinkled with Bacon rain.

As an additional side (don’t judge us), we had the Blasts: chicken wings fried in buttermilk and coated in fiery Suicide Sauce, served with blue cheese dip. Despite threatening to scorch off our tastebuds, the succulent chicken bits were perhaps the crowning glory of an all round fingerlicking-ly good smorgasbord of indulgent American-inspired dining.

Raising the cocktail bar

Almost Famous, infamously delicious Article 2 It isn’t just burgers that Almost Famous does well. With a cocktail list as outrageous as anything on a Blumenthal menu, patrons can choose from concoctions including the saccharinely decadent Famous Frickin’ Swizzle, mixed with smooth El Dorado rum and sweetened with mango jam.

Gin and tonic purists may initially be skeptical of Bitch Juice, a fruity twist on the classic G&T. However, this beautifully garnished drink, topped with dusted blackberries and raspberries, is tart but refreshing and perfect for cleansing the palette.

We washed everything down with a Tommy and Fitz, a drinkable and more-ish blood orange and tequila cocktail. To use beer lingo, it’s a session cocktail, a fruity older sister of the classic Screw-driver.

Room for dessert

Almost Famous, Infamously Delicious- Article 3 There’s always space left for dessert, so we went full steam ahead into food coma mode courtesy of Chronicles of Banarnia. This creamy, caramelised banana and cheesecake combo comes stuffed into a small jar and topped with sprinkles. Enough said.

We may be hitting the gym a couple of extra times this week, but it was decidedly worth it. The “Shut Up, America” burger is only back on the menu till the end of the month, so if it’s piqued your interest then get yourself down to Almost Famous. If you can’t make it this month there’s plenty more gooey, sticky, buttery, cheesy options on the menu, and there’s even mains suitable for vegetarians.

They don’t take reservations, but you can view the full menu on the Almost Famous website before heading down.

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