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Alter Celebrates its First Birthday

26 February 2016
Alter Celebrates its First Birthday
Alter celebrated its first of hopefully many birthdays after a year of some of the biggest bookings on the techno scene. On February 19th, promises of an unforgettable party were certainly not broken, providing a fuse of spell-binding, cosmic techno and an all-inclusive party atmosphere indicative of some of the best clubs in the techno scene.

The night

Alter’s resident DJ Animist set the tone for the night before the incredible Ø [Phase] and Rrose took to the decks and created a truly immersive vibe through their deep and creeping sounds, compounded by the buzzing crowd and hypnotic lighting, to create a night that should long remain in the memory. While Alter has made no secret about the fact that it’s one for the music lovers it is also key for them that their events aim to go above and beyond a celebration of the music.

As their line-ups suggest, Alter aims to provide an incredible night not simply on the level of the quality of their sound but also in the atmosphere which their line-ups construct. Alter is about not just a celebration of music but also about creating a 'space', a party with a curated ambiance wherein people could join together to lose themselves. Undoubtedly the choice of Ø and Rrose, the excellent lighting and potent sound system achieved this, creating a mysterious, futuristic space that fostered a euphoric, space-like feeling.

Alter and their party experience.

Having gone to several of their previous nights the thing which brings me back time after time is its addictive, hedonistic vibe, one which is all too rare in the UK music scene.

Speaking to Alter on their branding this is something which comes across all too clearly:

"We're about putting on a great party first and foremost! As our branding, ethos and curation of line ups suggest, we're aiming to deliver a tripped out and immersive experience where people can come and lose themselves in the music".

Concluding the night with an elated moment of communion where both Alter's founders and the crowd joined in celebration of their achievement over the last year by singing Happy Birthday, it is safe to say Alter's 1st Birthday was their best party to date. With their nights becoming bigger and better over the course of the year we can expect good things from their next and final gig of the academic year on the 22nd of April.

Whether you're a devout techno head or simply seeking a night of enchantment then Alter is a must, as it seems they may have just set the bar for the ultimate party experience in Leeds.

For more information on their events or branding follow them on their Facebook page.

By Becki Ward
Becki is a Volunteer Writer for Leeds Living covering events all across the city of Leeds, on topics such as eat/drink, retail therapy, music/dance and culture.