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Artists Beer Vision

13 May 2015
Artists Beer Vision
It isn’t just the foodies getting involved in LIFF15, Colours May Vary are hosting an exhibition curated by 3rd Rail Clothing, celebrating the sacred crafts of brewing, illustration and print screening, with various artists’ take on unique fictional beer label designs.

The exhibition opened on Saturday 9th May in association with Hop and Barley's 4th issue launch, a publication dedicated to the art of brewing and beer culture. Consequently, the shop was filled with arty revellers on launch night sipping Northern Monk brews, nibbling Friends of Ham Serrano ham, freshly carved in front of you and Bundobust’s delectable pops and popcorn, amazing poppadoms and -who’ve thought it?- garlic drizzled popcorn.

The recently expanded shop floor at Colour’s May Vary now allows them a space to feature exhibition work, showcasing talent that runs in line with their own design led philosophy. Following the popular ‘Dust’ show by Drew Millard, the walls are now adorned with various eye catching illustrations. Playing on the term ABV normally meaning ‘Alcohol by volume’, the term is reworked to incorporate the artistic side of beer making, as is growing ever popular. Displayed on a innovative diamond angle, the would-be- square prints replicate the wraparound effect of the beer label.

artists beer visions and hop and barley

Work is featured from: GodMachine / Daggers For Teeth / Tom Lane / Pedro Oyarbide / MrGauky / Timba Smits / Iain Macarthur / Dan Mumford / Hydro74 / Ollie Munden / Drew Millward / DXTR / Tom J Newell / SexualYokai / Matt Taylor / Kristyna Baczynski / Michael Crozier / Guy McKinley / Tom Mac / Dee Dee Kid. All of the work is also compounded into a nice little book ‘Artist Beer Visions- A Book of Fictional Beer Labels’ for those who can’t pick between the prints. Pop down to Colours May Vary to have a mooch and check out the prints which can be bought directly from 3rdrailpresents

Emma is a Freelance Writer for Leeds Living. She has a degree in English literature from the University of Leeds and specialises in writing cultural editorials.