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Come Play With Me Releases Second Single

9 February 2016
Come Play With Me Releases Second Single
Since launching record label Come Play With Me at the end of last year, Tony Ereira has been making waves on the Leeds music scene. Already the seasoned co-runner of independent label Hatch Records, his new label offers local talent the chance to record their own 7” single.

Not for profit record label

“I’ve been blown away by the number of people who have bought into the series and supported it. We’ve already had subscribers, press and DJs,” Ereira effused. “I started off wondering if I’d get artists to give me tracks for it and I’m now having to turn away some really good music as there’s only space for two tracks a quarter.”

Despite the potential for huge success, Ereira humbly won’t be pocketing any of the label’s profits. His ambition stretches beyond personal wealth: “Come Play With Me is a social enterprise record label, which means it operates like any other label except any profit it makes is not lining my pockets (or anyone else’s!), but is all ploughed back in to work with more of the folks we’re trying to help.”

Nurturing the local music scene

Hailing from London, it was the varied music scene that won Ereira over to Leeds when he first travelled to the North several years ago. This exposure to a plethora of local talent led to the birth of Come Play With Me: “I just kept meeting so many really talented musicians who were struggling so much with getting their music out there to a wider audience that I was trying to think of a solution that wasn’t ‘just another label.’”

Running alongside this aim, he also hopes to nurture emerging local artists: “The first project is the singles club and the plan there is to release beautiful looking and sounding split 7”s from more established artists and exciting new ones from around the Leeds City Region. There are also bigger plans under foot to start offering artist development support to some of the artists we work with further down the line.”

Second single feat. Fizzy Blood and OFFICERS

Taking advantage of the wealth of local talent the label’s second release will feature new tracks from Leeds-based bands Fizzy Blood and OFFICERS. OFFICERS’ video-art single Attack is the first release ahead of their anticipated new album, due out later this year, and is already garnering a positive reaction among fans.

Describing their sound as “theatrical, sexy, dark rock and roll” that’s “made by the weird kids, for the weird kids”, Fizzy Blood’s new single Sweat and Sulphur is an energetic explosion carried along by an angsty lyric.

Speaking about the new single, band member Paul says: “I think it sounds a bit like Misirlou, you know that old traditional Mediterranean song that was recorded by Dick Dale in the 60s? It’s heavily influenced by surf music from that era and the Phil Spector wall of sound. It’s also f**king loud!”

It isn’t just the release of their single the band have to look forward to this year. Band mate Jake adds: “We found out about a week ago that we’re heading over to the states to do SXSW in March, and with any luck will be going on some more music related holidays this year; any excuse to get on a plane with my mates.”

Along with support acts Post War Glamour Girls and Party Hardly, the band will be performing Sweat and Sulphur live at the single launch at Nation of Shopkeepers on 18th February. If you can’t make it down, the single is available to pre-order right here.

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