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Fazenda: For the Carnivorous

19 November 2015
Fazenda: For the Carnivorous
Fazenda promises to deliver a ‘unique dining experience’ following the Brazilian gaucho tradition, by teaching you an entirely new way to dine. Not for the faint-hearted nor for the vegetarian, Fazenda has broken away from the traditional method of ordering and dining by creating a carnivore’s paradise amidst an elegant setting.

Fazenda - Article 1Photography provided by Fazenda

Explanation is required. For around £25, you can enter into a carnivorous paradise where joints of sizzling meat are brought forth by the Passadores (Meat-Chefs) and carved directly onto your plate. The fifteen prime cuts of meat are on rotation at random around the restaurant, with each diner being in control of a ‘stop-go’ flashcard, which when activated, brings forth the never-ending feast. When you fancy a rest, you simply turn it back over. The centre of the restaurant holds a buffet-style salad bar that is filled with vegetables, salads and sides to accompany your meat, as well as more traditional Brazilian flavours with pork and bean stews.

Despite the potential for chaos (the restaurant does get very busy and usually requires advance booking), the staff are extraordinarily attentive and there are many little touches that make you feel well looked-after. As soon as you’ve sat down, you are provided with flavoursome Brazilian finger foods while you mull over the drinks menu. The restaurant boasts an impressive selection of wines and delicious cocktails which are well suited to the surprisingly elegant atmosphere - given the context of a meat feast, Fazenda exudes vibes of rustic class enhanced by candles strung from the ceiling alongside the waterfront setting.

From varying cuts of beef to lamb, chicken and pork, there are fifteen different prime cuts of meat each evening, available according to taste. The beef is cleverly cooked so that each joint provides rare, medium and well-done, all flame grilled and full of flavour in traditional Brazilian barbecue gaucho style. Fazenda by no means skimps on quality: there are few other places where you can eat such large quantities of prime and delicious meat in a stunning setting, and with so much variety in flavour you’re sure to find your favourite in good time. A little menu is provided in case you’ve missed anything or want to request something, but it does become very difficult to say ‘no’ - the staff are so encouraging that over-indulging is a risk!

Though the experience has potential to sound like a novelty, it is far from it. Fazenda is sure to re-educate you on the concepts of ‘all-you-can-eat’ and ‘buffet’, whilst never making you feel like you’re part of a holiday resort. It is the ideal venue for special occasions, as it provides something just that bit different - do not expect a quiet restaurant atmosphere, as interaction with the staff is the integral part of the experience. The restaurant is also accommodating for birthdays and will make an appropriate fuss if given advance warning. It is completely alternative and unlike any other restaurant, and is certain to hit the spot with lovers of wine, atmosphere and meat.

Fazenda Christmas Special Offer

On top of their usual selection of meats, Fazenda's Christmas menu includes a glass of sparkling wine and one of their Christmas desserts per person.

Lunch £25.50 | Evening £36.50

By Maya Cselko
Maya is a Volunteer Writer for Leeds Living covering events all across the city of Leeds, on topics such as eat/drink, retail therapy, music/dance and culture.