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Get your Mojo Back at Yoga in the Yarden with Lucyoga

21 September 2015
Get your Mojo Back at Yoga in the Yarden with Lucyoga
Helping to de-stress and uplift one's life, it's no surprise that yoga classes are cropping up throughout the City as the popularity of the practice is on the rise. With dark nights looming over us and work schedules busier than ever, there's no better time to inject some revitalisation into your life and get nurturing your stressed-out soul with a spot of yoga. Luckily for us a new addition to Duke Studios has arrived at just the right time.

Adding a fresh and exciting dose to Leeds' health and fitness scene, Lucyoga provides an enjoyable and worthwhile experience in the form of Yoga in the Yarden. Welcoming all levels of experience, the classes aren't just for the yoga-enthusiasts of the City but also for those who don't know their Ashtanga from their Bikram, as you can expect fully instructive classes, each with the sole objective of making you feel 'less stressed and more stretched'…..perfect for releasing tension after a hard day's work.

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Focusing on Dru Yoga, a powerful practice that works to improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, full-time yoga teacher Lucy Bannister will teach you how to create a connection between your mind and body using flowing therapeutic movements, Energy Block Release sequences and traditional yoga postures. Utilising traditions from Pilates, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, Dru Yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga, designed to help you rest and unwind as well as providing numerous health benefits including reducing back pain, relaxing muscle tension and improving flexibility, leaving you feeling empowered and full to the brim with positivity. Aching muscles may even be a bonus!

Having experienced the rewarding benefits of Dru Yoga first hand and knowing just how much it can improve your mind and body, Lucy completed her Dru Yoga training in 2012 and for the past couple of years, was teaching classes down in South London before recently relocating back to Yorkshire to set up in Duke Studios. When asked why she chose to teach yoga, she said “to pass on the magic I found in Dru Yoga and give others the chance of feeling less stressed, healthier and happier.”

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Along with her classes, she also runs yoga retreats in the hills of Yorkshire and in Spain with the Costa Blanca in for a health kick this October. You may know her from Beacons Festival in 2014 where she instructed daily yoga sessions for those wellington-wearers or from the in-demand Rooftop Yoga in Peckham where she taught her moves to the yogis of London on top of a multi-story car park in 2013 and 2014. Her new classes are also set to be as cool, and you can throw away those yoga-induced stereotypes as your ears are in for a treat as you'll be gracefully moving to the likes of Galaxians and Alice Coltrane, with playlists carefully crafted for each class combining upbeat and soothing tunes.

Although Yoga in the Yarden only kicked off in late August, the classes have already received positive feedback. Laura Wellington reflects on her first session, 'It was incredible – Lucy is an amazing teacher and Dru Yoga is really good and very accessible for me, having not really done that much yoga before. I stretched, smiled and felt completely relaxed afterwards.' Well, that's enough to convince us!

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Whether you're a complete beginner or you're looking to deepen your skills, cast your stresses aside and get ready to release some positive energy at Yoga in the Yarden with Lucyoga.

Yoga in the Yarden takes place every Wednesday from 6.45pm to 8pm at Duke Studios in Leeds. Classes cost £8.50 or £35 for a five class pass and yoga mats will be provided. Find out more about Yoga in the Yarden here.

Hannah is head of Retail Therapy and Health and Beauty at Leeds Living. She is an English Language Graduate with a penchant for all things fashion and beauty.