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Heroes of Mobile Fringe Festival in Leeds

30 October 2015
Heroes of Mobile Fringe Festival in Leeds
How would you like to mingle among ‘mobile heroes’ and be part of a celebration of all things mobile? The International Heroes of Mobile Fringe Festival is held for the very first time in Leeds and is hosted by aql in partnership with mobile industry veteran, Helen Keegan. The festival takes place on the 3rd and 4th of November at the aql headquarters in Leeds City Centre with a series of free open sessions and networking events bringing together people from all walks of mobile life…

The Heroes of Mobile was founded by Helen Keegan as an attempt to bring knowledge and awareness on the mobile sector through various networking events and other such initiatives. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a crucial element in your professional life or you’re merely interested in following the latest developments and trends in the sector; this may be the perfect opportunity to gather some useful insights.

The Leeds edition of the festival hosts a series of open discussions, talks and demo sessions that focus on new technologies and mobile innovation. This would be a great opportunity for the business community to network and gain insight into how new technology is disrupting the way we work, live and do business. The event will be graced by industry specialists including app developers, advertising, media, mobile marketing, handset manufacturers, payment providers, big data, brands, agencies, analysts, journalists, start-ups, retailers and more. Here’s a look at the programme of events over the two days:

Tuesday, the 3rd of November

10:00-14:30 - Future of Work: Open Space Session with Lloyd Davis

Synopsis: What is the impact of technologies like blockchain, internet of things, artificial intelligence, robots and virtual reality on our work lives? Is there a future for work or are we heading to a leisure-based utopia? Just how many jobs will you have had by the time you retire? What is retirement anyway? Is there a difference between the future of work and the future of jobs? How do you maintain your mental health in the workplace in the face of all this continuous change?

13:00-15:00 - Nothing Great is Easy: Open talk with Patrick Smith

Synopsis: Patrick Smith, who has successfully swum the English Channel as part of a relay team and has swum the length of England's longest lake (twice), offers a fresh perspective on running your own business - and how open water swimming training can help you achieve something great.

15:30-18:00 - Innovation on the Fringe

Synopsis: Short talks, demos and plenty of opportunities to mingle with your fellow mobilists, this relaxed session should give you an insight into what’s hot and what’s not in mobile innovation.

18:30-until late - Swedish Beers Goes North - Leeds first edition

Swedish Beers is a business networking event for executives interested in mobile technology. There will be people from all walks of mobile life there on the night - be that app developers, advertising, media, mobile marketing, handset manufacturers, payment providers, big data, brands, agencies, analysts, journalists, start-ups, veterans, noobs and much more. Come alone or come with a friend but do come. Expect a friendly crowd, lots of chat about mobile, life, the universe and why Swedish Beers is called Swedish Beers………

Wednesday, the 4th of November

10:00-12:30 - Future of Mobile: Talk + Open Space Session with James Tagg & Lloyd Davis

Synopsis: James Tagg, the founder and CTO of the world’s first global mobile network, inventor of the first LCD touchscreen and recently published author of Are The Androids Dreaming Yet? will open this session with a short talk sharing his vision of the future of mobile. After the short talk, come and enjoy a big conversation, facilitated by James Tagg and Lloyd Davis about whatever aspect of the future of mobile technology most puzzles, enthuses, or irritates you, answering the question "What does the future of mobile hold for us?"

12:00-14:00 - Ladies Lunch at Harvey Nichols restaurant

Synopsis: A friendly networking lunch dedicated to women who work in technology with guest of honor Lesley Cowley, Non-Executive Director of aql, the first ever Chair of DVLA and a non-executive Director of CERT-UK, a Member of the British Computer Society Policy & Public Affairs Board and a Council Member of ICANN's Country Code Names Supporting Organisation.

14:00-15:15 - The Yorkshire Post: The journey from print to digital media with Bernard Ginns

Synopsis: Bernard will lead this session by giving us a whistlestop tour of the history of the 261 year old Yorkshire Post, one of the oldest newspapers in the country. Then bringing us up to date with the 21st Century, he will share with us the challenges The Yorkshire Post faces with the move to digital and mobile and explain some of the things that they're doing to tackle those challenges. There will also be time for a short Q&A.

15:00-16:30 - Future of Mobile Advertising: Open Space Session with Helen Keegan & Lloyd Davis

Synopsis: What has happened to the creative process in advertising that we so cherished and enjoyed in the early TV advertising days? Will we ever have a water-cooler moment about a banner ad? When was the last time you clicked on an ad anyway? And why are we still reliant on the banner ad to drive the advertising dollars?

Call for demos

Want to get your mobile app or service seen? Want some feedback on it from potential clients, partners or investors? Then apply for your free spot now at The Innovation on the Fringe. Services or hardware made in the North of England are invited to showcase on Tuesday 3rd November at the Innovation on the Fringe session.

Interested? Take your pick or attend all events. Join in the conversation and be inspired. All events are FREE to attend and open to all. For more information and online registration visit: aql

Cover photograph by Maria Stawska

Kam is a Business Writer for Leeds Living. Having joined in April 2015 she writes for the Strictly Business section and specialises in business editorials.