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I AM Collective Arts Market at The Brunswick

30 October 2015
I AM Collective Arts Market at The Brunswick
Two new outlets for the cultural side of the City combined last Sunday in the form of the newly emerged I AM Arts Collective and the Brunswick Pub, hosting an arts market in the City’s up and coming Northern Quarter for all to come and enjoy. With live music accompanying the market throughout the day, the Brunswick played the perfect setting as a place where art and music could combine to create a friendly atmosphere that will be welcomed throughout the City in the months to come.

I AM Collective Arts Market at The Brunswick Photography by Nick Porter

The I AM Collective is a project which looks to showcase various art forms and genres of music through hosting different events at a variety of Leeds-based venues. As current residents at the Brunswick, they aim to showcase different local artists and musicians through such events, whilst providing a friendly and welcoming platform for people to view and take part in. With live music, art and good food and drink all on offer, the collective really brings out the best side of Leeds’ artistic world in combining all these aspects into an aesthetically welcoming and comfortable environment.

The Brunswick was a more than hospitable venue for the collective to showcase their best works, as the duo have already worked together previously with the I AM team curating their opening night back in September. The Brunswick serves as one of the new style of pubs to emerge in Leeds’ blossoming food and drink scene, with the ground floor serving as a bar, the second dedicated to food and the third used as a versatile artistic exhibition space. With the Arts market taking up the top two floors and live music being played on the third, The Brunswick worked as a suitably adaptable venue in hosting, showcasing and allowing people to move comfortably amongst the works on show.

I AM Collective Arts Market at The Brunswick Photography by Nick Porter

The collective artists at the market offered an equally wide range of art forms, ranging from graphic and visual design, fine arts and jewellery to photography and graffiti, exhibiting something for people of all tastes to enjoy. With the aim being to promote up and coming local artists, the market certainly provided a fitting platform for artists to exhibit their work and engage directly and sociably with their public, something that is critical from most of these artists’ perspectives. The quality and diversity of the work was clear, as I was particularly impressed by Mark Gronspin’s animal inspired designs, or the trendy ‘Lambrini & Friends’ bracelets on offer. Pick of the day has to go to Jamie Sinclair’s cat inspired photography, as he gave me an intriguing insight into his artistic progression and ability to cover anyone and anything through a photographic lens. The soft backing of acoustic sets from the likes of Motorhomes, Hera, Tom Basri and Ben Roberts throughout the day provided perfect musical accompaniment to the art on show, with the multi-talented DJ and artist Jack Wolff and friends continuing the sound downstairs long into the evening.

The Brunswick and I AM Collective complemented each other fittingly through their obvious connections and in doing so created a friendly and engaging arts market and music event which will be more than welcomed amongst Leeds’ artistic scene. If you have a minute pop into the Brunswick to fully appreciate their carefully selected craft beers, and expect to see a whole lot more of the I AM collective within Leeds cultural arts scene in the months to come.

By Oscar Ponton
Oscar is a Volunteer Writer for Leeds Living covering events all across the city of Leeds, on topics such as eat/drink, retail therapy, music/dance and culture.