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Intrinsic - Touring Jewellery Exhibition Dazzles Leeds

8 September 2015
Intrinsic - Touring Jewellery Exhibition Dazzles Leeds
Get set to be dazzled as we welcome the Intrinsic - Touring Jewellery Exhibition to Leeds Craft Centre this month. Showcasing the latest stunning works by some of the UK's most talented jewellery makers, the exhibition allows you to experience the delights of contemporary craft and be wowed by the attentive skills and enthralling techniques of participating designers. Running from early September right through to October, you've got plenty of time to pop by and eye up some serious bling.

Located on the Headrow in the heart of the City, the exhibition sits inside The Craft Centre, situated just below Leeds City Gallery. Established in 1982, as well as being home to this latest spectacle, the cultural hub regularly exhibits a range of exhibitions as well as a continual plethora of work from over 300 designers, so no matter when you visit, there will always be something interesting to check out.

Comprising of seven gifted makers working in the textiles and jewellery design field, the Intrinsic - Touring Jewellery Exhibition will display to the public a sparkling array of pieces from the skilful lot, sure to excite those jewel-lovers amongst us. From colourful stand-out pieces to anodised aluminium jewellery to landscape-inspired concoctions, the exhibition will present everything from simple wearable items to those comparable to actual pieces of art. Prepare to feast your eyes on work by Hannah May Chapman, Joanne Haywood, Yu-Ping Lin, Kathryn Partington, Liz Wallis, Julia Usel and Mandy Nash.

Mandy Nash

Designer, maker and member of the Makers Guild in Wales, Mandy Nash specialises in anodised aluminium, fabricating one off and batch production jewellery items. With a strong passion for colour, pattern and technique, even though she's a jeweller, Mandy's work definitely has a textile spin to it. Expect to see bright colours, intricate patterns and courageous but easy to wear pieces.

Yu-Ping Li

With the hope of bringing 'fun' and 'fantasy' to her audiences with the colours, patterns and structures of her pieces, Taiwanese emerging jewellery artist Yu-Ping Lin uses a varied selection of mediums in her work. Stand-out pieces these definitely are as she uses origami, architectural structures, interaction and pattern when producing her jewellery, creating a selection of playful and fascinating pieces for when you're feeling a little daring.

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Liz Willis

Stimulated by the environment when producing her stunning pieces, contemporary jeweller Liz Willis uses precious and non-precious materials along with hand stitched silk threads to create landscape-inspired jewellery. With each piece depicting something she has spotted whilst out on one of her runs or walks, get ready to see aspects of the environment in her gorgeous pieces.

Kathryn Partington

Employing the skills and techniques developed during her training in ceramics and textiles, Kathryn Partington produces notably unique and one-off items of jewellery. Using a combination of methods and material manipulation, Kathryn structures her pieces in various ways to produce jewellery resembling pieces of art. Although unique, her lusted-after jewellery is completely wearable.

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Hannah May Chapman

Offering fun and assertive statement pieces, Hannah May Chapman uses her jewellery to express her sense of humour and to entertain people. Instead of disguising the meanings behind her pieces, she uses vivid colours, prominent forms and a diverse range of materials to make sure her jewellery really stands out from the crowd.

Joanne Haywood

An applied artist who specialises in jewellery design and making, jewellery design graduate Joanne Haywood is acknowledged for her individual flair when it comes to mixed media. Making use of metals and textiles to create her own unique pieces, expect to see everything from crochet to felting in her craftsmanship.

Julie Usel

London based contemporary jeweller, Julie Usel enjoys utilizing different materials in her work. Achiever of an MA in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery, Julie believes that working with materials where there's no prior knowledge established, allows experimentation to take place. With her previous work including pieces made from everything from cling film to hand sewn printed silk, expect the unexpected when it comes to Julie Usel's work.

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Want more sparkle in your life? Make sure you head down to Leeds Craft Centre this September and October as we're in for a glistening couple of months.

Hannah is head of Retail Therapy and Health and Beauty at Leeds Living. She is an English Language Graduate with a penchant for all things fashion and beauty.