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Introducing...The Turk's Head

10 February 2016
Introducing...The Turk's Head
Since its reinvention four years ago, Whitelock’s has reclaimed its place as one of the City’s greatest and longest standing drinking and dining havens. On the 28th January, Whitelock’s stepped it up again with the opening of The Turk’s Head. An additional drinking space snuggled at the back of the iconic alley, the bar offers an ever-changing set of taps, some whisky concoctions, as well as whole range of cocktails and an enticing Victorian inspired bar menu.

The Turk’s Head – the name a tribute to Whitelock’s original name when it was first licensed in 1715 - shares many similarities with its sibling bar but adorned in suave Victorian styling including a marble bar and rustic oak flooring it’s an upmarket addition to the drinking destination. The indulgent décor effect of the bar (designed by local design company Lord Whitney who are the team behind the town hall’s The Wood Beneath The World) is down to the detail: glass, brass and velvet colours characterise the venue with everything from the curtains to the light fittings, giving a considered touch of luxury.

The bar includes twelve taps, two which will remain while the other ten change on a regular basis – as well as a host of bottled and canned brews. Current taps include Five Point Pale, Cloudwater Brown Ale and Magic Rock’s Common Ground but things will be changing up regularly to make sure the bar is always offering the most exciting brews from the best independent breweries. Cocktails of note include the expertly stirred ‘The Turk’s Head Old Fashioned’ and ‘The Five Points Spritz’ complemented by an accomplished back bar filled with an assortment of artisan spirits. Deep fried pickled cauliflower, crispy pigs’ ears and house pickled eggs were just some of the old fashioned small plates menu complementing the Victorian vibes and offering an alternative to the usual boring bar snacks. In addition to this there is also a ‘Pickle Plate’ and Yorkshire Cheese Board, as well as a delicately named ‘Potted Pig’s Head’.

The Turk’s Head is set to be a hit with regulars. It is likely to bring in some new faces through the ever mysterious ginnel which leads into the City’s iconic drinking den. Lavishness permeates from The Turk’s Head but the commitment to independent breweries and local suppliers stays in line with Whitelock’s ethos and makes it a welcomed new addition to the City’s drinkasphere.

Becky Peartree is our resident food writer and is in her final year at Leeds University where she studies English Literature.
Photography provided by Justin Slee