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We'll drink to that!

6 May 2015
We'll drink to that!
The Corn Exchange’s newest member, Little Leeds Beer House, can be found on the balcony level, decked out with a plethora of pretty bottles. The team at Little Leeds Beer House, comprising of Richard and Bryony Brownhill and James Phillips, went on their own personal beer pilgrimage around various destinations such as London and Bristol to hand select their stock straight from the breweries, carefully curating their selection.

Along with selections from Yorkshire, Manchester, Bristol and London, LLBH offer a kind of ‘Best of British’ approach, although do include substantial ‘Europe’-Italy, Sweden Germany and Spain- and ‘US’ shelves. According to Bryony, much of their stock from the capital is little known outside of greater London as they have a sufficient enough market for it already. However, LLBH are bringing these unfamiliar selections to our own city nestling amongst the more recognisable labels from the likes of Northern Monk and Kirkstall breweries. With a shop such as this, beer aficionado or amateur alike, you might find yourself in a grown up version of kid-in-a-sweetshop scenario. The shop is kept visually simple; with natural wood shelving to line the walls and a nice chunky desk which hides their small assortment of keg and cask ales which are also available on rotation.

Two litre Growlers are stacked towards the back of the shop for drinking in or taking away ales and the week’s featured list can be found via the LLBH very helpful website. The site not only organises their selection via country and brewery, but also by type, so you can check for specifics before you visit if you have particulars in mind. LLBH are not just beer-centric; they are also purveyors of wines and spirits with a smaller choice from English wine producers and premium spirits.

Little Leeds Beer House promotes their customer led service with promises of impromptu beer tasting, hand written tasting cards and various events and guest appearances from breweries. They also have a focus on promoting various local and wider start up breweries, alerting Leeds to the latest brewing talent on the scene. The shop opens later till 9pm on Thursdays, so what’s your excuse? Bottoms up!

Emma is a Freelance Writer for Leeds Living. She has a degree in English literature from the University of Leeds and specialises in writing cultural editorials.