Make art not websites!

20 May 2015
Make art not websites!
Art by Artists, is a new Leeds based platform which synchronises the separate entities of buying, producing and showcasing art by creating a smooth system using technologies and expertise not necessarily associated with the traditional art world. Led by the team at Round Creative, who largely specialise in creative digital services but also dabble in traditional techniques, Art by Artists' vision is to create a strong forum of artists, galleries and buyers

Tim, Creative Director and founder of Art for Artists explains that artists who aren’t web savvy often don’t have the resources to create a proper online platform to showcase their work. Art by Artists seeks to remove that pressure by offering various services to ramp up their exposure, such as their online presence, so that the artists can concentrate solely on producing work. The company also enlist their knowledge of SEO (search engine optimisation) to really push the art into a contemporary forum, providing an all round digital boost.

Artists who sign up get their work featured in a gallery space on a rotational basis, an opportunity which is described by Tim as ‘gold dust’. Their work will then be professionally photographed and also entered into a print system, providing a high res image that can also be purchased on the website via prints or other mediums such as gift cards etc. Similar services can be seen on forums such as Society6 and Red bubble and at Art by Artists, great emphasis is placed on the fairness of commissions to the artist. Furthermore, a unique buyer’s scheme is available where original art pieces are designated a ‘buyer plus’ status, which can then be bought with the potential to double your money through future revenue from these various printing opportunities

It isn’t just the artists that benefit either; commissions can be requested if you want a personal bespoke piece whereby the most suitable artist is selected and will work closely alongside you to achieve your brief. Alternatively, you can also reach out to a particular artist if you already admire their work. The high quality print system alternatively lets you own art whose original is slightly out of your price range. Galleries also have the chance to participate in this forum by requesting original or print forms with the opportunity to sign up to a digital service whereby online stock can be massively increased beyond the limits of wall space.

Art by Artists ventures to create a worldwide yet personal and bespoke service, endeavouring to preserve the traditions of art alongside the propagation of a digital marketing platform, encouraging a much more commercially successful scope. Exposure for artists in the gallery is completely free and various bespoke services start at £150 a year with company commissions of only 10%. Art by Artists seek to provide a strong network of art producers, sellers and buyers where all stand to benefit. They do the digital legwork. Everyone else can take time to appreciate the art.

Emma is a Freelance Writer for Leeds Living. She has a degree in English literature from the University of Leeds and specialises in writing cultural editorials.