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Motive8 Yourself This January

6 January 2016
Motive8 Yourself This January
It’s that time of year again, another New Year, another time to set some goals. If you’re like many people, you’ll probably be a bit tired of making and breaking the same New Year resolutions. Motive8 North are the experts in helping you achieve these types of targets in improving your health and fitness, so they’ve put together a guide for how to stick to your hard work, and not just for January!

Top Tips


Believing you can achieve your goals has got to be number one importance. If you believe in yourself you’re more likely to achieve your goals. So put any feelings of doubt aside and go for it.

Set realistic goals and break them down

If your goals are realistic you are more like to achieve them. Once you have set your goal, then break it down into smaller goals as your long term goal will seem so much easier to achieve. It sounds simple but it works!

Write it down

Write your goal down and keep it somewhere you can see it every day and use for inspiration. Also try to get a photo of what you’re trying to achieve...running a 10k? Find an image of someone passing the finish line and use it as your screen saver. Looking to lose weight? Maybe you have a picture of you when you looked and felt your best...put it in your wallet and look at it every day.

Set targets for you

How often are your goals influenced by your friends and family? Think you should lose weight because your friend is on the latest fad diet? Feel like you should run a 10k because John in the office is doing one? Forget about it! Set goals that YOU and only YOU want to achieve otherwise you won’t stick to them.

Hire a professional

We’re not all experts in losing weight, running a marathon, eating healthier...so if your budget allows, work with a qualifi ed professional who has experience in helping you achieve your goals. Whether it’s a personal trainer, nutritionist or life coach, you should be able to turn to these people for advice and motivation to hit those goals!

Surround yourself with support

Staying on the straight and narrow can be tough, especially when the cakes and biscuits are doing the rounds in the office. Shout about your goals, tell your friends and family why they are important and get them on your side. You need as much support as possible, and if they want to sabotage your plans then get rid of them...they’re not your friends if they don’t want to support you!

Keep a journal

As personal trainers, we encourage our clients to log their food and exercise, which is great as you cannot only see where you need to make improvements in order to achieve your goals, but you can also see what progress you have made and give yourself a pat on the back. I’m a big believer in also keeping a journal about your journey too...write some notes and you’ll be surprised at the impact being healthier and more active will have on these areas too.

Forget about magic monday

Ooh we all love Mondays for starting again don’t we? But, what if your good intentions go out of the window with eating a bacon sarnie on Thursday morning...are you going to throw in the towel, go on a chocolate binge and skip the gym until Monday? It goes without saying that this will probably do more harm than that measly bacon butty, so forget about it and get back on it straight away!

Don't be too harsh on yourself

We all have blips, it’s human, but so many of us beat ourselves up about these blips that it has a negative impact on our mind set and our goals. Similar to the point above, one little blip won’t massively impact your progress, but lots of blips (probably as a result of you beating yourself up) will, so if you have a slip up, get back on that fitness bandwagon and hit those goals!

By Jenny Cromack
Jenny is a lead Personal Trainer at Motive8 North Gym. She writes regularly for their health and fitness blog, and now contributes her wisdom to Leeds Living