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New November Street Food Traders at Trinity Kitchen

6 November 2015
New November Street Food Traders at Trinity Kitchen
As the weather changes for the worst, and the Christmas shopping rush starts, there’s no better place to stop for an affordable bite to eat than Trinity Kitchen. The pop-up vans are presenting some tantalizing dishes for you to sample this November. This month you can find Dim Sum Su serving up a unique take on traditional Chinese food, Bangwok with their famous fried chicken, CrabbieShack bringing fresh crab burgers to Leeds and Kukoos offering a sensational fusion of global flavours.

Dim Sum Su

Trinity Kitchen - Article 3

If you’re looking for an alternative to the usual Chinese takeaway fare, be sure to visit Dim Sum Su in the Trinity Kitchen this month. Hailing from Manchester, owner Sue Lee serves up an exciting blend of Chinese food with a Western twist. Relatively new to the street food scene, Dim Sum Su started up in Manchester in August 2014. Fast becoming a Leeds favourite, Dim Sum Su has already been spotted at Belgrave Feast and Brandon Street Market. The pop-up has also hit the Sheffield and Liverpool foodie scene. An alternative to Chinese takeaway, Sue has created tempting twists on Chinese classics to appeal to the English market. Overwhelmed by the choice, I eventually plumped for the pork and prawn wontons. The wontons are deep fried rather than being traditionally steamed and the flavours are enhanced with peanuts and spring onions. This really is a dish to remember! I’ll definitely be taking my friends back to sample these and five wontons to a portion make them a great sharing option. You won’t be disappointed.

Sue says that a popular Leeds choice is the Gau Baos or Chinese steamed buns. Her husband has accurately Christened them ‘Chinese burgers’. The buns are filled with belly pork or the veggie friendly option, aubergine and tofu. They make the perfect lunch with the wow factor! All the food is cooked from fresh, and you’re greeted by the smell of bubbling pork and pineapple dumplings, a unique blend of world flavours, the pineapple transforming the Chinese staple. Sue offers a meal deal (which also comes with an alcoholic drink) so if you can’t decide between the tempting dishes on offer - go for the deal. You can’t go wrong with wontons and Gau Bao. Keep up with the business by following them on Twitter and Instagram or finding them on Facebook.


Trinity Kitchen - Article 2

Trinity Kitchen veterans, Bangwok, are back for the fifth time and if you haven’t tried their food before, make sure you don’t miss out this time. Owner Dong started the street food business with a stall in London’s Waterloo before expanding to Leeds this year. Although the food is served from a colourful stall, it’s impossible to miss the familiar tuk tuk, from which Dong started selling his cuisine. Their dishes are sure to transport you to Thailand with their authentic and subtle flavours. The sizzling meat in the woks will definitely catch your eye if the smell hasn’t already enticed you. Their Trinity Kitchen favourites are barbecued pork or chicken with fried rice which are proving very popular with customers. They’ve also served up some special evening options for Trinity, including a seasonal pumpkin and chicken curry which should not be missed! If you’re brave and like your food hot, try their Khua Kling, a spicy Southern Thai curry. Head to Bangwok for an exciting dining experience.

Due to Trinity’s health and safety regulations, they aren’t allowed to serve their other specialty, pad thai, at the Kitchen. However, that’s no reason to miss out. If you haven’t been already, be sure to visit Bangwok’s home, at Sovereign Place near the railway. Head down on a Thursday night for their legendary curry night where you can pick up a curry and a beer for £7.50. The restaurant also holds evening events so watch out for those in the upcoming weeks. Keep up with them on Twitter.


Trinity Kitchen - Article 1

If those long summer days on the beach seem a long lost memory, revitalise your taste buds by visiting Trinity Kitchen’s Crabbieshack. Already spotted at Leeds Feast, they offer a wide range of crab burgers with lots of toppings to tickle your fancy. Keep it simple with samphire and tartar sauce or mix it up with pickled cucumber, chilli and wasabi mayo. If you’re really hungry, go for the Admiral Benson for double the crab. Other options include crab salad or crab rolls with chipotle mayo. They also have fries on offer so grab a side for the crab. Their meal deal includes a crab burger, fries and a drink so there’s no need to break the bank. Crabbieshack also trades in London and is one to watch for the future. Visit their Twitter.


Trinity Kitchen - Article 4

Combining three cultures in their dishes, Kukoos are serving up some interesting street food at Trinity Kitchen this month. Mixing the tastes of Lebanon, Morocco and India, they aim to provide a healthy, memorable street food experience. Their specialties are the Kaati rolls or Indian salad box all available for £5 or under. The colourful stall is easy to spot with a string of fairy lights enticing customers. The food promises to be spicy and offers a unique food experience. Previously trading in Manchester and Newcastle, keep an eye out for Kukoos in Leeds and the rest of the North. See them on Twitter.

Throughout November the Trinity Kitchen street food vendors offer a diverse range of dishes to suit every taste so there’s no excuse not to dive in and treat yourself to a tasty multi-cultural culinary experience. What better way to escape the cold and the rains as they descend on Leeds. With so much on offer, from Chinese fusions to Thai woks, move quickly if you want to give these four a try. You have until Sunday 29th November.

By Esther Marshall
Esther is a Volunteer Writer for Leeds Living covering events all across the city, on topics such as eat/drink, retail therapy, music/dance and culture.