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New September Street Food Traders at Trinity Kitchen

10 September 2015
New September Street Food Traders at Trinity Kitchen
September is one of those months that everyone dreads: back to school/work, the grey weather creeping in and the days beginning to shorten; but thankfully it also means an exciting new line up of street food vendors has landed at Trinity Kitchen - vans full of tasty treats and comfort food, making sure the bellies of Leeds are kept happy!

Bangers and Bacon

Masters of all things pork and meaty, Bangers and Bacon has transported their delicious range of deli style sandwiches over the Pennines from Manchester and are ready to treat the good people of Leeds to some unique meat combos. Owner, Richard, is particularly excited about his stint in Leeds as he believes the City will be more open to some of his more unusual dishes and curious to try their creative offerings: ‘I think the people in Leeds are more adventurous than other cities and really understand what street food is about.’ Examples of their posh sarnies include the Pork Meatball Bahn Mi, an Asian twist on the sandwich sub, filled with Vietnamese meatballs, Asian slaw and sriracha mayo or the Pork Belly Reuben piled high on rye bread and smothered with Russian dressing and melted cheese. These sandwiches are more than just your average bap with innovative but carefully curated fillings using local meats for extra tender cuts.

Trinity Kitchen Autumn traders - Article 1

Tea and Toast

Bristol based festival-hangover-cure legends Tea and Toast has arrived at Trinity Kitchen ready to satisfy your breakfast needs and cure your peckish urges. The whole affair has a very cosy feel about it, with their van, Cowslip, exuding a hippy, flower power kinda appeal - turning heads with its popping yellow exterior and vibrant flower covering. As well as their breakfast offering of thick sliced bacon, free range fried eggs and hash browns all in a fluffy breakfast bun (accompanied by a cuppa and all for £7), there is also a selection of gooey, cheesy toasties to nibble at with your steaming English Breakfast or Herbal brew. These guys are long-standing festival goer feeders and are keen to share their fairly priced, simple but satisfying grub with the tea and toast loving masses of Yorkshire.

Quinoa Caravan

With an intriguing name and charming, solar powered caravan stall (which owner Tom converted himself) Quinoa Caravan is the new kid on the block, serving up fresh and interesting vegetarian dishes. After a hectic but successful summer trading at festivals such as Leeds and V Fest, Trinity Kitchen is a bit of a welcome break for these guys who are pleased to be able to have some home comforts after a day cooking up in the caravan. Aside from their dishes based around or on top of the South American super food, including five bean chili and grilled halloumi, there are also some enticing looking falafels and sweet potato fries which are sure to be a culinary win with the herbivores of Leeds. Aside from all this healthy goodness, their most stand-out dish for me was their Jackfruit burger. Quinoa Caravan’s vegetarian answer to pulled pork, this burger throws all veggie burgers before it out of the ring, delivering something that is incredibly tasty and a bit special. While biting into the freshly toasted bun my teeth sunk into the tender fillings of slow cooked Jack Fruit, which was sticky, saucy and incredibly moreish. Tom and his team are doing something a bit different with their street food, filling a gap in the scene for healthy dishes that still maintain that satisfying comfort food feel.

Trinity Kitchen Autumn Traders - Article 2


Walking into Trinity Kitchen it is hard to miss Cyril, KerbEdge’s big shiny burger van, or the queue that goes before him. Leeds’ burger hunters have already caught wind (or a whiff) of the Hull-based burger flippers KerbEdge and it’s no surprise to see why with a burger menu decorated with homemade chuck steak patties and stacks of filthy fillers. Their Classic KerbEdge bap sees the steak patties smothered in smoked house mayo, sweet red onion relish, Monterey Jack cheese and topped with some streaky, smoky bacon. Or for a more All-American experience there is the patty topped with French mustard, cheese and a gherkin – the Big Mac’s pimped up posh cousin if you will. Plus, watch out for their specials which will be changing things up regularly and are guaranteed to start a party on your taste buds. Potentially heart attack inducing but definitely worth the risk…

Fire & Salt BBQ Co.

You’ll smell these guys before you see them as they pump out mountains of meat on their heavy duty BBQ, hoping to lure in those prowling, lunch-seeking carnivores. This Deep South American style BBQ will be serving up smoky, melt-in-your-mouth meat dishes such as pulled pork, brisket, ribs and sides - ensuring meat sweats and some messy faces this Autumn at Trinity.

Another strong line-up from the team at Trinity Kitchen, these traders will continue to sizzle, stir and serve until the 18th October...

Becky Peartree is our resident food writer and is in her final year at Leeds University where she studies English Literature.