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Nourish launch new charity loyalty card

3 March 2016
Nourish launch new charity loyalty card
There are various ways that restaurants can do their bit for charity. With The Real Junk Food Project repurposing waste food from supermarkets, and social enterprise café Cielo Coffee doling out profits to relevant causes, it’s great to see businesses getting involved in the giving. Now Nourish, the healthy fast food restaurant, is extending its loyalty card services with its ‘pay it forward’ campaign, giving customers the opportunity to buy free meals for those less fortunate than themselves.

So…What’s Nourish all about?

Nourish is a welcome contrast to some of the more famous fast food restaurants. We had the chance to find out from its founder, David Stache, just how Nourish was born and what his hopes are for its future.

Born and raised in Sheffield, Nourish’s founder David Stache qualified as a Nutritionalist at Leeds University. After a number of years working with both professional athletes and in the public sector, he decided it was time for a change:

"I wanted to do more to help educate people directly on the nutritional benefits of food. That is when I decided to set up on my own - and Nourish became a reality."

After the success of setting up the first Nourish in Sheffield in 2013, a second one was opened in Leeds last summer.

David is ambitious, and you can tell he's passionate to make a difference. Future plans include employing trained nutritionalists to be based in the restaurants, offering nutrition plans to customers during their visits.

There's no hiding the fact that yes, you pay more at Nourish than you would for a sausage roll or pasty from the Gregg’s next door, but the prices are reasonable compared with other fast food outlets in Leeds. More importantly, what you get at Nourish are tasty yet nutritious meals, with passionate and motivated staff on hand to assist your choices.

Nourish Loyalty Card - Article 1The Duck Bang Bang salad from Nourish's new spring menu

The ‘pay it forward’ campaign

In December, Nourish launched its ‘pay it forward’ Loyalty card scheme, a great way to recognise that healthy eating should be accessible to everyone.

The ‘pay it forward’ campaign works on the premise that visitors purchase an extra meal or hot drink, as well as their own, which is placed on the ‘pay it forward’ tree for someone who might not be able to afford it themselves. The less fortunate population of Leeds can then spend these vouchers and enjoy a hot meal in the welcoming environment of the café.

Nourish is celebrating giving away over 1000 meals with this campaign and is looking to accelerate their success with their new loyalty card. When card holders spend £5 five times, Nourish will place a hot drink on the tree and when they spend £5 ten times, Nourish will place a hot meal on the tree. Not only this, the customer will also receive a 50% discount off the price of their meal too.

Nourish is a win-win for everyone. You can munch on their flavoursome salads and refreshing juices plus you’ll be doing your good deed for the day. So next time you’re in town, pop into Nourish, purchase some of their nutritious offerings, grab a loyalty card and give a little something back!

By Lauren Barraclough
Lauren is an Editorial Assistant at Leeds Living dabbling in a bit of writing with news pieces and the occasional foodie review.
By Cath Kane
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