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Pieminister - A Ministry of Pies

10 May 2015
Pieminister - A Ministry of Pies
Savoury or sweet the pie remains one of the longstanding icons of British cuisine. ‘Pieminister’, a fruitful result of one family’s effort to revive the British Pie, has just opened their 10th and flagship store on Duncan Street, in our very own Leeds city centre, giving you a chance to relish and experience some of their renowned classic and contemporary delights.

Having begun as a small family business over a decade ago with their first pie kitchen and shop in Bristol, founders Jon Simon and Tristan Hogg, have since taken Pieminister on an extended journey across the UK, serving an eager pie loving nation. Jon Simon, Pieminister’s Managing Director, reminisced about their humble beginnings:

About 10 years ago we started our little family business of making pies in a café down in Bristol. This was an attempt at reinventing the British pie because we felt it was neglected for so many years. Since then, over the years we have grown and have become more ambitious and exciting, adding much more, both in terms of outlets and our menu.

Making home centrally within the city’s retail and leisure core opposite the Corn Exchange and minutes from the Trinity shopping complex, Pieminister Leeds has opened their 10th and largest outlet yet. Spread over two floors in the artfully redecorated former Oxfam Shop on 15, Duncan Street, Pieminister Leeds is in Jon Simon’s own words “by far the most ambitious project we have ever done”.

With its parquet flooring, Leeds Steel girders and rustic redbrick walls, Pieminister has worked wonders with the once run-down Victorian structure, taking its interior back to its former glory. This latest outlet has also maintained the signature Pieminister style of metal caging, hand painted signwriting, booth seating and ‘secret sheds’ furnished with curiosity-filled bell-jars and feature lights, offering a quirky new place in Leeds to enjoy a meal and have a bit of fun.

Why Leeds? “We’re from Bristol but spend a lot of time going around the country looking for likeminded cities. We thought Leeds had a very good vibe about it, with a good university scene, good night scene and a very good bar, club and music scene very similar to Bristol. So Leeds came top of our list.” Answered Jon Simon.

You can now experience Pieminister’s multi award-winning classic range of delicious buttery, homemade pies including the moo, free ranger, heidi, chicken of Aragon or the metador and more in an extensive new menu for Leeds. Then, there is also the new range of open top pies that are naturally lighter. Their healthy and hearty sides include mash, gravy and minted peas, along with Bristol baked beans, garden chilli peas, skin on chips, roast root veg and slaws.

“Ethics and animal welfare are very important to us”, stated Jon Simon highlighting the fact that the Pieminister products are not only celebrated for their exceptional taste but are also made with fresh, wholesome ingredients and more importantly, with 100% free range British meat, the UK’s only national pie company to do so. He also added:

And in terms of the actually quality itself and the type of flavours, they range from traditional ones like steak and ale, which we can’t not have on a menu because that’s what most people want; but we also have very unusual ones like venison and puy lentil; or goat’s cheese, sweet potatoes, red onion and roasted garlic. So they can be quite contemporary but they also follow the same underlying ethical approach of being British. And obviously they taste very good as well.

The cocktails in the menu offering a range of classics, sours and specials are quite new to Pieminister. So if you head upstairs to their bar you could select from your favourite drinks including local craft ales from in and around Leeds. To complement the drinks there is also a distinctive choice of nibbles, like a pan of giant crisps with Pieminister’s secret recipe Number 11 condiment, or an organic British pickled hot dog served with a mustard dressing.

Offering everything from mid-morning coffee to pie feasts and cocktails till late, seven days a week, Pieminister is a must stop spot for all you pie fans in Leeds, and the perfect opportunity to be a part of their great British 'piejuvenation' efforts in the North!

Kam is a Business Writer for Leeds Living. Having joined in April 2015 she writes for the Strictly Business section and specialises in business editorials.