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Preview: Telegram at Headrow House

17 February 2016
Preview: Telegram at Headrow House
Anglo-Welsh proto-punk quartet Telegram hit Leeds’ Headrow House on the 22nd of February, and it’s a gig not to miss. Fresh off the back of their debut album, ‘Operator’ and this their first headline UK tour, Telegram are bound to be a force to be reckoned with.

Telegram have done their time supporting big names on tour like The Horrors and Temples, but it is high time they went it alone. Anyone who has seen them live knows they are a fast paced, tight, ludicrously well-attired machine. Though they are fantastic on record, often songs like ‘Aeons’ and ‘Regatta’ are only done true justice when they are played live.

‘Operator’ has been met by rave reviews from DIY, Q, and Artrocker, and is a fantastically glam/psych/punk affair that is essential 2016 listening. Who doesn’t want to see the intensity of ‘Taffy Come Home, the seething proto-punk of ‘Aeons’ and the sublimity of ‘Follow’ live? The gig is guaranteed to be something else. Go to it.

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