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Process: An Artists View of Brewing

18 May 2015
Process: An Artists View of Brewing
The Leeds Indie Feast event pairs the robust flavours of brewing with an arty aroma and an inky finish. Curators of the exhibition The Brewer’s Design Company approach the relationship between beer and its packaging from a different angle. Compiling a group of artists who often work with craft beer, the series shines a light on the talent behind the label.

Tall Boys

The pieces created are a diverse selection of unique styles and methods, calling upon artists who have an intimate experience of the brewing process and beer marketing. The work flips the viewpoint to now reflect upon this behind the scenes experience- which in the craft industry is partly where the fascination lies- from the perspective of the artist. Thus the art is no longer as such for the beer as more about it. This more personal perspective reveals in the prints, the passion behind the artist's involvement in this particular industry. The work also reveals the playful side to the brewing industry, and the way that beer -which is growing increasingly more innovative and imaginative- is presented to the modern day punters, who enjoy more than just a bloated pint of Timothy Taylors.

tall boys process

Tall Boys Beer Market is dedicated to bringing Leeds the freshest brews. From independents and cult brewers alike, they stock an assortment of craft beers and, resurrecting the growler, keg and cask ales. Of course, the bottled beers wouldn’t be half as enticing without the array of weird and wonderful labels and graphics that accompany them; it’s all too easy to pick up a bottle for its sexy gold embossment or unsavoury illustration. This arguably isn’t too much of a copout though, as the artwork used in craft beer is often the coolest out there. Process thus presents a chance for these artists to reflect on the industry while showcasing their own personal work.

Brewers Design Society

The Brewers Design Society is a kind of one man band design show run by Mike Williams, a design/beer/skateboarding aficionado. Under the Brewer's Design Society he produces some really stunning design within the craft beer industry, working with like minded creative companies who value the look of the their brand as much as the taste of their beer. He doesn't just work with labelling graphics either; his portfolio also contains a redesign of Ferment Magazine from the UK’s biggest online craft beer club Beer52, skateboard design inspired by Copenhagen skating culture and various bespoke designs for independent breweries, such as Northern Monk. The exhibition which runs alongside LIF festivities until the 24th, continues this creative synthesis of the craft beer industry with the design world, to great effect.

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