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Regression Sessions coming to Canal Mills

26 September 2015
Regression Sessions coming to Canal Mills
If you get a bit sick of the side-stepping techno nights with people taking themselves far too seriously in the name of ‘Edgy’ then Regression Session might be right up your street. As part of their national tour the event will hit Canal Mills on the 3rd of October and then again on the 21st November. With ball pits, bouncy castles as well as a technicoloured world of fun and surprises, the organisers aim to take you back to the simpler days of your childhood where no one cared what trainers you were wearing or how many DJs you’d met.

Regression Sessions Preview - Article 1

The aim of Regression Sessions is to transport you back to a sillier state of being... so no taking yourself too seriously or caring what your hair looks like after the bouncy castle! With a host of resident DJs who will be popping some funky garage, hip hop and disco beats, this event will deliver the best of the party beats – all to be enjoyed while frolicking in a ball pool or thumbing a game console. Speaking to the people behind Regression Sessions, they believe in providing people with an event that has a bit more to offer than your average club night:

We differ because we have a philosophy of encouraging unadulterated fun and getting people to step out of their comfort zone by regressing them. It’s very much focused on the music and high quality production - plus interactive content. You shouldn’t be bored at a Regression event and you will hopefully meet new likeminded people.

The guys at Regression Sessions spoke to us about the inspiration for their nights and how after becoming tired of everyone being so serious at music-led nights they decided it was time to start something new: ‘We had just come back from a summer of festivals and were perplexed by why the unadulterated fun and carefree attitude of festivals was not catered for or offered at nightclubs in London.’

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If all that wasn’t enough to take your worries away, then there are a whole host of surprises planned especially for the Leeds events, at which the organisers intend to transport you to a care free and unpretentious haven of fun. Joey Tadier, a founder of Regression Sessions, told Leeds Living:

Well we can’t tell you everything that is going to be happening, but what we can tell you is Leeds is actually the biggest show that we have on the tour. It sold out two weeks before the event and it will have some amazing production, lots of little secret surprises that we are not announcing and of course some amazing resident DJs playing some of the best underground selections across our favourite genres House / Techno / DnB & UKG.

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If you were lucky enough to snatch up tickets for the 3rd October event, then it seems like you’re guaranteed a night of no-hold-back laughs and bouncy beats. But if you missed out this time fear not as tickets for the November 21st Regression Sessions will go live shortly. Don’t mess around securing your ticket for this one as we suspect word will get round quick to the Leeds ravers and this won’t be the kind of event you want to miss out on!

Regression Sessions will be at Canal Mills on the 3rd October and 21st of November. For tickets please visit www.next.fatsoma.com.

Becky Peartree is our resident food writer and is in her final year at Leeds University where she studies English Literature.