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Revamp your Makeup Bag with Illamasqua's Latest Launches

10 December 2015
Revamp your Makeup Bag with Illamasqua's Latest Launches
When it comes to stunning products that leave a lasting impression, Illamasqua certainly know how to please. The British beauty brand has been causing a stir in the cosmetics industry since back in 2008 when they first launched their collection of high-quality makeup that championed self-expression and individuality. Seven years on and they've achieved nothing but success with outlets across the UK and counters worldwide. Their luxe, classy black packaging and wide range of beautiful and wearable makeup options have proved popular with celebrities, beauty bloggers and the general public alike and their latest releases will undoubtedly go down a treat. As a self-confessed beauty addict, I jumped at the chance to meet Illamasqua and discover some new beauty products that your makeup bag is definitely crying out for.

The Brand

With influences from its origins in the 1920s Berlin club scene to a strong heritage in makeup for film and theatre, Illamasqua is a bold, head-turning brand that channels self-expression and encourages men and women to let their alter egos shine through. Leeds based founder Julian Kynaston opened their third flagship store back in 2011 in the opulent surroundings of Victoria Quarter and a location where Illamasqua fits in perfectly. Their cruelty-free collections include everything you could possibly need to accentuate your appearance and create your desired look, from foundation to eye liners to lipsticks, all long lasting and beautifully designed.

Illamasqua's Latest Launches

If you didn't have enough on your Christmas list already then two of Illamasqua's latest additions, the Celestial Palette and Radiance Veil are worthy additions...

Celestial Palette

Revamp your Makeup Bag with Illamasqua's Latest Launches  - Article 1

If you end up staring at this palette adoringly before you even dare stroke your brush against one of the four stunningly presented and varied colours, then you're not alone. Looks-wise, the Celestial Palette ticks all the boxes. Its compact, lightweight and mirrored design is perfect for applying makeup on-the-go and the four striking colours sit attractively side by side creating the prettiest of eyeshadow palettes. It's not just looks-wise that Celestial Palette performs though. Quell, a champagne shimmer; Solace, a burnished industrial grey; Jubilance, a polished warm copper and Orb, an iridescent barely black are four contrasting, smooth and highly pigmented shadows that allow you to create an assortment of makeup looks, perfect for the party season and thereafter.

How to apply: To create the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes, pop Quell in the inner corners of your eyes and on the brow bone. Apply Jubilance to the centre of the lids for a warm pop of colour and then blend Solace into the crease of your eyes for a smoky look. Finally, apply Orb to the outer corners of your eyes and under your lash line for a bold and defined eye.

Celestial Palette is just one of the lusted-after products from the Equinox line which also contains Broken Gold, a glistening liquid gold for your eyes; Glamore Lipstick in Vega, a deep claret red with a satin finish, Nail Varnish in Beam, a metallic champagne oyster and a set of false lashes for subtle volume and length, with each product in the collection inspired by the starry skies of a desert at night.

Radiance Veil

Revamp your Makeup Bag with Illamasqua's Latest Launches - Article 2

The healthy glow that summer brings to our skin has long gone but Illamasqua's new Radiance Veil proves that you can also achieve that much-needed radiance in winter too. Coming in the form of a gorgeous velvet crème formula, the Radiance Veil is part primer and part illuminator with its fine shimmer particles adding an envious luminosity to your skin. Described as a 'soft peach golden tone', it is ideal for fans of a dewy fresh faced glow whilst the added bonus of Vitamin C means your skin will stay hydrated, making it an excellent addition to your makeup routine this winter.

How to apply: One of the best things about Illamasqua's Radiance Veil is the versatility of the product. If you're after an all over glow then apply the Radiance Veil all over your face before applying your foundation for an extra luminous and radiant look. You can also mix it in with your liquid foundation to create a less matte and a more dewy finish. Alternatively and for those whose skin leans towards the oily side, after applying your foundation, use the Radiance Veil as a highlighter, blending it into the highest points of your face – tops of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and on your browbone.

If there are two products you should be indulging in this month, then the Celestial Palette and the Radiance Veil are the ones. Check out Illamasqua's products here.

Hannah is head of Retail Therapy and Health and Beauty at Leeds Living. She is an English Language Graduate with a penchant for all things fashion and beauty.
Photography provided by Illamasqua