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Review: Dinner at The Tetley's Bar and Kitchen

7 March 2016
Review: Dinner at The Tetley's Bar and Kitchen
The Tetley’s Bar & Kitchen is a delicious and fuss-free affair. Just like The Tetley itself, it’s cool but casual, without ever losing touch with its heritage. With true Northern hospitality, you get what you’ve paid for: it’s hearty, generous, and warming. Each portion threatens to spill over its mottled ceramic bowl.

First up, the starter: curried cauliflower and seasonal vegetable soup with a big handful of coriander and two rustic hunks of bread. It’s a tasty and inoffensive winter staple meal. Those looking for something with a punch ought to look elsewhere on the menu, but it’s a lovely, warming alternative to the ubiquitous goats cheese and beetroot salad us vegetarians tend to get lumped with for our starter.

On the recommendation of our waitress, we order the red lentil and tomato stew for our main course. This beautiful rustic dish comes with two huge dumplings on top. Roasted broccoli and potatoes are served elegantly to the side. It’s not just the earthy colour palate that nods back to the previous dish; there’s that same homely earthiness to it all. It’s worth ordering the stew just for the dumplings; they’re deliciously firm with just the right amount of herbiness making it’s way through the tartness of the tomato.

For dessert, I went for the bread and butter pudding. No foam, no puree, no bullshit. Whilst it’s a significantly more trendy version of what stodgy images have probably sprung to your mind, the kitchen staff have clearly focussed more on perfecting the original than making any radical overhauls to the much loved dessert. The dish comes in thick slices, with a sprig of mint on top and a little jug of custard to the side. It’s mouthwateringly good, with springy, soft bread, and succulent raisins throughout.

The Tetley Bar & Kitchen is open every day for brunch, lunch and dinner. Their traditional three-course dinner is £29.95. See their full menu on their website.

Daisy is a writer for Leeds Living, completing her BA in English Literature at the University of Leeds and will write about anything she can get her hands on.
Photography provided by The Tetley