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Rustic Elegance at Fire Lake

25 June 2015
Rustic Elegance at Fire Lake
Representing the ‘fire’ element through the rustic wood-burn flavour of the American josper grill and the ‘lake’ element from the ten thousand Lakes that surround Minnesota and Minneapolis, Fire Lake Grill House and Cocktail Bar, is the latest addition to Radisson Blu Hotel and is a unique place for inspirational cocktails and tasteful cuisine of a traditional rustic US style combined with a Yorkshire twist…

The new Fire Lake is part of a major refurbishment to Radisson Blu Hotel under a £3.5 million investment. As you walk in through its doors you are instantly greeted by its charming, relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere that brings out not only a characteristic Yorkshire feel but also the familiar rustic American diner concept drawing from their existing brand in Minnesota and Minneapolis.

Fire Lake bar:

Fire Lake - Article 2

Fire Lake’s bar area gives you the freedom to relax and enjoy one of their Yorkshire inspired creative cocktails that draw from some of the renowned local names and icons. You may want to try their dirty Leeds martini or their Yorkshire Riviera. Fire Lake’s very own Bronte Carlo named after the well-known Bronte sisters may also take your fancy. Or you if you prefer non-alcoholic cocktails try their Bloody Mel B, Alan Bennett or Brownlee martinis, names of just a few famous Yorkshire natives!

A few steps beyond and behind the bar is another laid back nook providing another invitation to wind down. The highlight of this section of Fire Lake is its iconic graffiti wall of Peter O’Toole, Yorkshire stage and film actor of the 1960s recreated by a local graffiti artist replicating an image of him taken at a Cannes Film Festival. Also characteristic are the drums that work as tables and the spacious, comfortable chairs all combining to don a 60s touch and feel.

Peter O' Toole graffiti wall:

Fire Lake - Article 3

One unique attribute of Fire Lake is its ability to section up each of its areas to accommodate private events of up to 12 to 15 guests. Facing the Peter O’Toole graffiti wall is another wooden feature with lamps coming down on even levels, reflecting the important element of the fire. This leads up to the next level with leather booth-style seating reflecting the typical American diner, where you could sit down to enjoy the mouth-watering Fire Lake cuisine.

'Fire' is key at the new restaurant:

Fire Lake - Article 4

The menu at this brand new grill house is very much influenced by the US, bringing rustic wood burned and wood smoked flavours infused with a Yorkshire twist. As a result, a lot of the fish served are sourced from a lake. They also offer a myriad different cuts of beef ranging from fillets and chunks to sirloins all cooked on the josper grill. Among some of the most interesting is their 360o Shocked Sea Bass, cooked in high intensity heat in the Josper grill but still tender and scrumptious to taste.

If you fancy dining down by the open kitchen you may also want to experience a little bit of their sharing dining at the stylish high tables, to munch on some of the sizzling delights as you chat with your group. Another not-to miss element of the restaurant as you head down here is the Leeds Feature wall with iconic sayings such as ‘aye-up’ or ‘Fancy a brew?’ ‘Put t‘kettle on love’, along with other images, symbols and places which represent Leeds.

If you really want to take dining to the next level then you may even watch the dishes being prepared and experience something totally unique. Or move away from the menus and experience the Fire Lake specials boards and taste something from the chef’s specials created on the day.

Booth style seating:

Fire Lake - Article 5

Whether you are in search of stylish sophistication on a night out or enjoy the rustic wood burn aroma and flavours from the US, Fire Lake tastefully combines the two in their chic new surroundings down on the Headrow in the centre of town, now open for you to experience if you haven’t already!

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