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Soup’d Up: The next Soupvolution?

24 July 2015
Soup’d Up: The next Soupvolution?
At a time when obesity is a monstrous epidemic, two young men and a team of friends get together to make a difference and prove to the world that you can truly gain the power and control over what you eat. Creating the inspirational concept of ‘Soup’d Up’ in Leeds, joint owners Daniel and Levi also demonstrate that with the passion and right backing any business start-up can aim high!

In this ever progressive modern world everything has caught up to be ‘fast’, revolutionising not only our lives completely but also most significantly our food! To meet with our increasingly complex demands, we relent to the thousands of options that facilitate fast and convenient meals that are out there just a click, a call or a step away! But do we really know what we’re eating?

Under the strapline ‘Prepared by us, Created by you’, Soup’d Up is all about offering you an option of food that is not only tasty and nutritious but also giving you the choice of knowing and controlling the ingredients that go or do not go into it: meaning each pot of food is tailored to your needs! Director, Levi Fowler explained the thought behind the concept:

It all started a year ago whilst sitting in the office and looking down at our bellies and wondering how long it’d take until we eventually looked like our senior line managers and lost sight of everything below our waistline. So we went on a mission to try and find food we could eat in and around the workplace that was affordable, convenient, tasty and nutritious. We soon realised that even though there are places that offer you healthy food, you are rarely given the power or control over what goes into the food you buy. That’s where Soup’d Up comes in.

Soup’d Up uses essentially fresh, wholesome ingredients to come up with a delicious and innovative range of soup bases. What’s more they ensure through the use of specific food preparation techniques that most of the essential vitamins and nutrients are not lost in the cooking process. But most interestingly, you create your own soup and decide what ingredients go into it and can watch as your choices come together to make pots of delicious soupiness right in front of your eyes!

Speaking further about their products and menu Justine Morris, Head of Product Development said:

We prepare simple soup bases for customers to take and ‘soup up’ with their choice of fresh ingredients and garnishes. One of our latest and successful creations is the coconut and chickpea soup base, which has gone down really well with people. A lot of it is really down to trialling it with customers, getting feedback, and respecting that feedback; it’s about coming up with staple products that people love.

Apart from the originality of the concept, Soup’d Up also highlights that if you have the heart and passion to make a difference there is nothing stopping you. Daniel Robinson, Managing Director explained:

We’ve done a lot of planning since early 2014 whilst holding down full time jobs and although we had no previous expertise or experience in the business or the culinary world, we’ve been fortunate to have the support and advice from a great team of experts from chefs to equipment specialists along the way.

Having geared up, trained and advised - business and culinary wise - the duo along with Ed Francis, Head of Technology for Soup’d Up, then turned to Google for digital support for online and social media strategy. In the process the Google team, who really liked the Soup’d Up concept, invited them to operate their pop up stall at the Digital Garage at the Leeds Dock, where they are currently based. “Google has been a fantastic growth engine, helping and guiding us in the right direction for everything online; and as big advocates of what they are doing we encourage other business start-ups like us to seek their support by giving a complimentary soup to anyone who comes down for a one-to one,” reiterated Daniel. Ambitious yet humble, Daniel and Levi work hard to realise their dream but respecting that learning and listening to feedback are the absolute priority. Stating that where they go next both literally and metaphorically depends completely on what their customers want, Daniel concluded:

There are too many businesses out there which are set up with the sole objective of doing something and dictating to their customers. But we now live in a world where the consumer is the king. If you can’t respond to that you are at a standstill even before you start. We don’t want to make the same mistake; we really want to be open to feedback and learn. That is what’s most important to us right now.

Soup’d Up certainly has the vision to be the next foodie revolution, not only in the city but also nationwide - providing YOU make it happen! Step into the Digital Garage to have a chat with the enthusiastic makers whilst creating your very own custom-made pot of soup. Conveniently priced, super healthy and with the choice and freedom to create your very own flavours, Soup’d Up are undoubtedly way ahead of their game!

Kam is a Business Writer for Leeds Living. Having joined in April 2015 she writes for the Strictly Business section and specialises in business editorials.