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Stockdales of Yorkshire add meat to a Leeds revival

23 September 2015
Stockdales of Yorkshire add meat to a Leeds revival
The carnivores of Leeds have never had it so good, and those who enjoy the trappings of the City that little bit more if they have a distinctly local flavour, will be sharpening their steak knives and licking their lips at the prospect of this week’s long-anticipated opening of Stockdales of Yorkshire.

Stockdale preview - Article 2

Into the space left by the long-revered Sam’s Chophouse on South Parade comes the latest exponent in the delicate art of bestowing steak on the plates of an already adoring public. With claims as bold as the meat they hope to deliver, Stockdales promises to “showcase a superior steak-centric menu that’s guaranteed to redefine quality as you know it.”

It is a statement sure to raise an eyebrow with traditionally hard-to-please steak devotees, who are already fantastically served by the North and South American influence of Gauchos, Fazenda, Bem Brasil, Cattle Grid and Red’s True Barbecue and the more sophisticated British flavours served up by Miller and Carter and Blackhouse Grill.

Nonetheless, confidence oozes out of Stockdales press release like juices from a medium rare ten-ouncer, as they claim: “The difference between Stockdales of Yorkshire and other steak restaurants in Leeds such as Gauchos and Blackhouse Grill will be the quality of the meat on offer at a price that will ensure you leave with a smile.”

Fighting talk indeed, and exactly the spirit that will have diners licking their lips as the 100-seater restaurant and sociable bar area welcomes customers this week, and adds itself to the South Parade/Greek Street revival that is taking on Lazarus proportions.

With a number of big names leaving the scene, many had written off the forgotten party area of Leeds, but the arrivals of La Rambla, Gusto, The Liquorist and Alchemist, plus the imminent boutique Dakota hotel have breathed new life into the central quarter of the City, and Stockdales is certainly adding meat to the bones.

Stockdales promises a private dining area seating up to 10 guests and a Chef’s table - perfect for corporate events or special occasions. They also claim the decor “will be traditional and quintessentially British - with a modern twist.” We can’t wait to see what that means.

The menu, and the redefined quality they pledge, has been created in partnership with Anthony Flinn – formerly of ‘Anthony’s’ fame - and Jonathan Elvin. Steak, as you would expect, is central to it and is based around prime cuts of beef aged for 28 days and seared over coal in a Jospur oven, giving the meat a unique and unforgettable flavour.

Stockdales preview - Article 1

What Stockdales claim is “the crowning jewel of our steak menu” is prime cuts of Wagyu beef, originating from Japan and widely-regarded as the finest meat in the world. With intense marbling creating rich flavour and unique texture it is certainly getting this steak worshipper salivating.

While premium beef of varying shapes and descriptions dominates Stockdales offerings, they promise fish, salads and vegetarian options to suit all tastes, and with local and international chefs of the highest quality involved, everything seems set for Stockdales to become a solid and inspiring addition to the Leeds dining scene.

Manager Rodney Prosper commented as Thursday’s opening day grows ever-nearer, “We are very excited to be opening Stockdales of Yorkshire in Leeds. We’re proud to bring you a menu that is traditionally British with a twist and are certain the people of Leeds will love the friendly dining experience we will be offering at Stockdales of Yorkshire.”

Pride and tradition are fine components for any serious steak restaurant, but Leeds diners have shown recently they can also accommodate a well-aimed curve ball or two. We wait to see what Stockdales serves up and expect the unexpected.

Jon contributes sports content for Leeds Living, he is an established sports and lifestyle writer for various organisations, and is a twice published author.
Photography provided by Stockdales of Yorkshire