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The Belgrave Feast - June

16 June 2015
The Belgrave Feast - June
After what has been another incredibly delicious week in Leeds, Belgrave was invaded by swarms of culinary goodness for its monthly ‘Feast’ this Saturday. This attracts not only the ever-growing masses of Leeds’ seasoned foodies but also those dipping their toes into the indie food scene for the first time. Drawn in by the food-fuelled excitement that is taking over the city as well as the promise of good grub served by some of the most promising and exciting food talent in the North, those lured by delectable quick fixes were fervently assessing the gastronomic options available alongside the ranks of dedicated Belgrave Feast regulars.

The Feast, held every second Saturday of the month, has a few regular slots such as Patty Smith’s Burgers, Dough Boys Pizza, Noisette Bakehouse and Laynes Expresso but also strives to mix it up every month with new and varied traders from around the North. This month’s grumbling bellies were met with returning hotdog experts Meet Frank, The Amazing Mr Meatball bringing his meaty balls all the way from Liverpool and Roof Top Grill Feat: Ox Club ready to fulfil all those raging carnivore needs - as well as stalls from Newcastle’s The Donut Guy, Wrap Scallion and My Thai. After much soul (stomach) searching and deliberation, crowds waded through the sensational smells and sizzling sounds to be greeted by enthusiastic faces, eager to showcase their own small piece of culinary genius. If like me, you find yourself satisfied after your first sitting but still remain eternally greedy, there is no shame in hoisting yourself up from whatever deckchair or sofa you’ve found yourself sinking into and setting off on your next foodie forage. Portions and prices are kept reasonable which allows those just-want-to-try-a-little-bit-of-everything types to justify their indulgence in satisfying several of the culinary cravings without feeling out of pocket or in need of a bigger waist band.

My Thai

My Thai Belgrave Street Feast

Attracting my keen eye for tasty Thai, My Thai was serving up a host of incredible Asian fusions and I was quick to get involved ordering a delicious Tofu Pad Thai. While waiting for this to be freshly prepared, I was persuaded into trying one of their mysteriously named ‘Thai Gobstoppers’. These authentic specialities stay true to their name and involve stuffing a leaf filled full with fiery flavours into your mouth in one go for what I can only be describe as an overwhelming taste bud tantaliser (a bargain at just a £1). With a restaurant just around the corner on Wade Lane My Thai is definitely worth a trip. Find them on Twitter and Facebook.

The Amazing Mr Meatball The Amazing Mr Meatball aka Kevin Highton made his Belgrave Feast debut this week accompanied by his father in law, nephew and a whole lot of balls. When asked ‘why meatballs?’, Kevin replied ‘Well, no one else was doing it.. There is a whole lot of pulled pork and hot dogs about but no meatballs, maybe because I have to spend my nights rolling up loads of little meaty balls!’ His lovingly handcrafted meatballs come in an array of forms including the ‘Bacon Triple Ball Breaker’ and the ‘Meatball bowls’ served with rocket and a hearty serving of cheese.

Roof Top Grill Feat: Ox Club

Ox Club Belgrave Street Feast June 2015

Ben Davy, as well as the being the brains behind Dough Boys, Patty Smith, Fu-Schnikens and the Feast, has launched his new venture in the shape of hangar steak and chips which he has been serving up on Belgrave’s roof top terrace. Sun and steak sound like a winning combo and his boxes of meaty goodness wouldn’t have been out of place in fancier surroundings.

Wrap Scallion Offering up some carefully considered combos inside their quesadillas, Wrap Scallion were on point with their flavours and presentation. Edward, the company’s founder, decided to move away from the stressful life of a restaurant chef to embark on a new culinary adventure which works to offer up a healthier choice in the world of food street vendors. Ed openly proclaims his love for the Leeds indie food scene and when comparing it to Manchester, where he’s based, he said ‘in Leeds it’s less about who you know and more ‘if your foods good you’re in’’.

Noisette Bakehouse

Noisette Bakehouse Belgrave Feast-June 2015

Those looking for a sugar kick without a guilty conscience will not want to miss pocketing some of the bold flavour bakes from the Noisette Team. The Bakehouse ensures it has something for every sweet tooth with many bakes working with gluten free and vegan ingredients. However with all their treats being predictably scrumptious make sure you get in early as Noisette is building up a strong fandom and a lot of the hot favourites sell quickly. Check out their drool worthy Instagram at noisettebakehouse

Not only does Belgrave Feast showcase Saturday’s most appetizing offerings, there are also several other stories of fun to be found including several bars, one of Leeds’ most loved roof terraces and an array of children’s activity held by Rosie’s Tykes. Belgrave Feast is the perfect Saturday chill out for those nursing the revels of Friday night, as well as families who are on the lookout for new ways to satisfy the whole team’s culinary needs. The organisers promise the ‘North's finest street food vendors’ and they don’t just deliver but exceed expectations. Gone are the days where street food in Leeds was the lowly inferior to the culinary giants and the team at Belgrave proves undoubtedly one of the forces at the forefront of this foodie movement. The Feast comes to Belgrave every second Saturday of the month, with the next being on the 11th of July. But while you’re waiting be sure to check out Belgrave’s other food related activities which are always popping up in the meantime. To keep up to date with general Belgrave news including the Feast find them here or belgravemusichall

Becky Peartree is our resident food writer and is in her final year at Leeds University where she studies English Literature.