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The Belgrave Feast - September

17 September 2015
The Belgrave Feast - September
With the street food scene in Leeds getting hotter and more innovative all the time, the Belgrave Feast line up announcements always get me drooling in anticipation as each stall releases their menus and pictures of their planned Feast dishes. This month’s line-up was particularly strong and I was literally torn and a just a little heartbroken that I couldn’t try each and every delicious offering in full. However, being lucky enough to have a group of similarly foodie obsessed friends we did a deal and opted to share our little hand held lovelies out - meaning that I got a little taste of everything and avoided any of that feared food envy. September’s line up included a gastro restaurant style offering from Shoot the Bull, traditional Indian street food from Chaat Cart, Chinese snack gurus Dim Sung Sue, deep fried pizza chiefs Frizza and dirty burger connoisseurs, and residents, Patty Smith’s.

Dim Sum Su

Manchester based Dim Sum Su was cooking up an array of scrumptious oriental offerings which included their popular slow-cooked Belly Pork Gau Bao, as well as hand made chicken, leek and mushroom dumplings and traditional Pork n Prawn wontons. Owner Sue Lee confessed she loves bringing her dishes to Leeds and is enthusiastic about her upcoming six-week stint in the Trinity Kitchen starting from the 18th October. Lured by the spicy smells coming from this unique street food offering I opted for the vegetarian Aubergine and Tofu Gau Bao. The Gau Bao, a Chinese steamed bun, was bursting with crispy tofu, saucy marinated aubergine and topped with spring onions, toasted peanuts, rock sugar and secret spices. Digging into my hand held delectable, my taste buds were immediately tingling with the plethora of flavours working together to create a tangy and zesty taste sensation. Dim Sum Su works to ensure each and every element of their dishes is carefully selected for optimum taste, resulting in flavourful and piquant dishes. Be sure to catch Dim Sum Su at Trinity Kitchen in October!

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Mac Daddies

Cheese, cheese and more cheese. Mac Daddies was kicking out pungent pots of smoky, gooey mac and cheese at Belgrave last weekend - satisfying cheese fiends by covering ladles of the carbtastic, creamy goodness with some tasty toppings. Choices included: the Virginia Housewife, their classic or ‘naked’ mac; The ’77 involving four cheese smoked mac infused with chipotle and crowned with chorizo and spiced onions or the Oh my Gourd piled with garlic roasted butternut squash, crème fraiche and thyme. The generous portions of sloppy mac were tempting but the deep fried Mac and Cheese Balls also made the perfect, pop in your mouth snack with the crispy shells splitting satisfyingly into a capsule of thick, gooey mac. The go-to for cheese lovers, Mac Daddies had all your comfort food needs covered.


There was no way my untameable pizza addiction was going to let me pass by this stall without giving their fritta (fried pizza) offering a try (especially not when it’s deep fried and full of fresh, stringy mozzarella). Frizza’s menu was centred on the classic ingredients of Italian cooking such as mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, basil and olive oil but utilised in an innovative way which paid tribute to both the potential and versatility of these ingredients. On the menu was Parmesan, Buffalo mozzarella and Pancetta frittas, as well as the Classic Panzerotti - a crispy, calzone style pizza pocket which is filled with firm but stringy mozzarella and drizzled with tomato sauce and finished with sprigs of basil. Inspired by the traditional Neapolitan pizza making, these little frittas will have you hooked on their super crispy crust and fresh, flavourful ingredients.

Belgrave Feast September 2015 - Article 1

Shoot the Bull

Fresh from their time at Trinity Kitchen, Shoot the Bull wasn’t ready to leave Leeds just yet and served up some of their carefully curated restaurant style specials at Belgrave. Their take on Pork and Apple was particularly intriguing, combining brawn, infused watermelon, smoked egg yolk and fennel, as was their unique Virgin Mary mayonnaise to accompany their deep fried white bait. Other enticing offerings included their Kamado Joe Smoked Salmon served on seeded loaf and topped with avocado, beetroot mayonnaise and white truffle powder. These guys are the ones to watch so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting news coming from them in the future!

Patty Smith’s

Residents at Belgrave, Patty Smith’s is known for being one of the first to tackle and conquer the dirty burger in Leeds. Centring all their burgers around their legendary minced steak patty and top quality toppings, Patty Smith’s does the dirty burger the justice without taking it over the top; plus the Stokely Webster’s Incredible Chips make the crispiest, tastiest, triple cooked side – tossed in Rosemary sea salt and £1.50 with your bap. This Feast, The Reuben Burger was out in force: pastrami, sauerkraut, emmental cheese, thousand island sauce, American mustard, steak mince patty – all in that toasty brioche bun. This is a fine example of the high standard of produce and ingredients you can expect from a Patty Smith’s burger.

Aside from the all the foodie deliciousness, there was a vintage clothes market and art stalls on the second floor as well as a children’s cinema corner and play area. It proved to be all you need for a chilled Saturday afternoon bundled into one multi-functioning, multi-storey building.

Don’t miss the Belgrave Feast, every second Saturday of the month at Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen.

Becky Peartree is our resident food writer and is in her final year at Leeds University where she studies English Literature.