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The Great Edible Art Show!

15 May 2015
The Great Edible Art Show!
London cake magicians The Tattooed Bakers brought Leeds its very first edible art show held at The Gallery at Munro House. Replicating some of The Great British Art Show’s most classic pieces, they used not art supplies, but gourmet cake and confection! In Leeds for one day only before lucky ticket holders devoured the cakes, the show was the ultimate spectacle of gastronomy and art.

The edible art is surrounded by the existing TUTTI FRUTTI_ exhibition, and- if you squint- the pieces are impressively convincing. They adhere to exact scale and details, with pieces like Tracy Emin’s Embroidered piece from 1999, featuring frayed fabric and intricate stitching, masterfully rendered in icing by The Tattooed Bakers, Eddie (actually a lovely tattooed lady) and Rich, who are true to inky form.

Tracy Emin

Those who bought tickets to the ‘Eat the Art’ played Charlie Bucket and the gang in the Willy Wonka-like offerings. Due to popularity there were two servings of the art, revealing the deliciously sugary centres. The Damian Hirst ‘Away from the flock’ replica of a sheep preserved within a tank is perhaps the most striking, with the illusion of the animal being pickled in scientific juices. But low and behold, this little lamb was alarmingly far more appetising with a rainbow sponge cake centre- because, why not?

Grayson Perry’s cheeky ‘Sh*t at sex’ ceramic vase is recreated in golden icing, with delicate edible paint detailing. Over this, are various edible transfer paper cut outs (like the sort used on those packet mix Ben and Jerry’s cupcakes from your childhood days) in various patterns and designs, arranged in a decoupage effect. The creativity gone into the piece is astounding and highlights the skill and craft gone into the cakes, but also a great sense of humour.

grayson perry

Cake art might at first conjure images of children’s birthday parties and sickly icing but the replica of Sarah Lucas’ piece ‘NUD CYCLADIC 14’ -mimicking the bulging, knotted form- is architecturally astounding; the cake produces an intricate knot effect making it hard to image that underneath the icing of indeed all these pieces lies a soft, spongy centre. Let them eat cake!

Emma is a Freelance Writer for Leeds Living. She has a degree in English literature from the University of Leeds and specialises in writing cultural editorials.