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The Lushest Experience

12 February 2016
The Lushest Experience
When we think of Lush, colourful attractive displays of products oozing with good enough to eat scents and more skin benefits than we can even count spring to mind, but did you know that hidden away beneath their busy shop floor is a world of tranquility and relaxation? Although located just a mere few metres away from the main shopping streets, Lush Spa allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of the City and feel like you're a million miles away. I was lucky enough to experience the delights of Lush's newest treatment recently - The Planets and one you should definitely check out.

Upon entering Lush, I was greeted by the staff and met by my therapist who led me downstairs to the Spa. A cosy country style kitchen came into view which along with the friendliness of my therapist, made me feel instantly relaxed. The main wall was adorned with a large blackboard displaying chalk writing with positive feel-good words such as Ambition and Esteem highlighted, whilst wooden shelves decorated with jars tied with handwritten labels, stacked up massage bars and vintage style crockery lined other walls. It was unique and homely and unlike any other spa I'd been to before.

We sat down at the large rustic table, furnished with a bright bunch of flowers and a colourful and enticing fruit bowl, and discussed any skin problems I had and the forthcoming treatment in detail so I knew exactly what to expect. The Planets is the newest addition to Lush's treatment list and focuses on the 7 planets in the solar system, combining three phases: the past, present and future in a three hour long immersive session.

The Lushest Experience - Article 1

As soon as I entered the treatment room, I was met with the ultimate chill-out zone. Planets circle the ceiling in a range of pretty colours depicting the solar system and add a pop of colour to the calming candle-lit room. Specially tailored music played which added to the soothing and relaxing atmosphere and within moments I knew I was going to enjoy this.

First up, was phase one of the treatment which focused on the past and consisted of a full body massage, where the therapist identified areas of tension in my body and invited me to discuss these in order to relax and release any worries I might have. At the end my head felt clearer and my body was completely relaxed. Next, I got into the cosy Lush robe and slippers and sat down to enjoy a cup of tea whilst I was given a hand and arm massage and a fun and interesting palm read, which concentrated on the present. The treatment ended with phase three: the future, which incorporated a facial designed to lift and plump my skin as well as lifting my spirits...the perfect opportunity to drift away and forget about all of my stresses. I never wanted it to end.

The Lushest Experience - Article 2

Once it did however, I was left feeling rejuvenated with a face and body that both felt and smelled amazing. I even refused a shower afterwards just so I could let my body feel moisturised and the smell linger for just that bit longer! Each treatment felt like it had been thoroughly thought out right down to the finest of details and my therapist knew Lush products inside out.

After I'd come to terms with the end, I was provided with another drink and asked if I was ready to face reality. I definitely was not but at least I felt a million times better leaving the Lush doors than when I entered. Their aim is to 'lift you up, take you on a beautiful journey, then put you back in a nicer place, feeling calm and special' and that's exactly what they did for me.

Hannah is head of Retail Therapy and Health and Beauty at Leeds Living. She is an English Language Graduate with a penchant for all things fashion and beauty.
Photography provided by Richard Skins