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The Plant Room Exhibition/Pop Up

3 June 2015
The Plant Room Exhibition/Pop Up
Zosia and Michael, the friendly duo at their studio exhibition/pop-up The Plant Room invite you in with coffee and cinnamon buns. Offering a friendly spot of respite from the gale-force winds along Water Lane, the space is curated around all things Flora.

The Plant Room Article

The bijoux space is currently devoted to greenery, where the various cacti and miniature succulents look right at home alongside prints, pottery and bespoke furniture. This philosophy of decorating minimal spaces with foliage formed the ‘seed’ of the idea according to Zosia, incorporating the zen of greenery into the workspace. Starting small, the first series of The Plant Room is currently based at The Archipelago studio with the view to occupy larger spaces in the future with plans such as a pop-up reading room in the pipeline.

In true pop-up form, The Plant Room is a catch-me-while-you-can opportunity, with pieces selling fast. Although located on the south of the river, the project has been greatly received, with people making a planty pilgrimage to see prints from Lucy Ketchin plant pots courtesy of Dove Street Pottery and bespoke furniture by Matt Kelly of The Hepworth Gallery.

The plants in the shop were meticulously chosen from the team’s various field trips visiting treasures such as Matlock Cactus Nursery and Harrogate Flower Show to curate the special selection of unique and perfectly formed cacti. The sculptural little plants sit in pots crafted by Dove Street Pottery, which are earthy and minimal and can be bought together for around £10.

Housing many of the pots is the custom-built carpentry of Matt Kelly with unusually structured pieces that house the miscellany beautifully. The ply Book Dolly holds The Plant Room’s various plant books- the punchy colours of which inspired the series.

The Plant Room- Matt Kelly- Article

Lucy Ketchin’s prints (sold for £40) are hand pulled screen prints and come in 3 colour ways, with ten editions of each design. The stencilled ladies in all their naked glory, coyly wrap around various plant silhouettes in a lovely strong yet minimal palette and named after their properties (‘Willa’, featured below meaning ‘resolute protector’). Fear not if you’re stuck for time, The Plant Room opens til 8 o’clock thursday night for a post work trip. The Archipelago also looks forward to launching its very own Archipelago Press in the near future, facilitating online print sales for those who missed the boat, and for all their future projects.

The Plant Room- Lucy Ketchin- Article

The Plant Room hopes to spark off the kind of ‘cross pollination’ that Leeds does best. Keep an eye out for further news at thearchipelago.eu or follow them on Instagram!

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