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Tony Ereira Talks CPWM’s Second Single

24 February 2016
Tony Ereira Talks CPWM’s Second Single
It’s finally here! Come Play With Me record label has released its anticipated second single, featuring tracks by Leeds bands Fizzy Blood and Officers.

Launch night success

With support from Party Hardly and Post War Glamour Girls, both bands played to a packed house on launch night at Nation of Shopkeepers on February 18th.

We managed to grab five minutes with label owner Tony Ereira to talk about the new single, and find out what’s next for Come Play With Me.

Hi Tony. Congrats on the new single! How’s it sounding?

Really great. I like the fact that both of the bands on the single are very, very different, but there are some similarities between the tracks. They’re both slow builders and then they’re actually quite intense.

How did you decide on the bands?

I went to Korea for Zandari Festival with part of Liverpool Sound City delegation, and Fizzy Blood was there too. It’s quite ridiculous that I live three miles down the road from them and we flew all the way to Seoul to first meet! I already had a good idea of who they were and liked what I’d heard of them, but never saw them live ‘til then. When I did finally see them play that confirmed it.

With Officers, I already liked what they were up to. Their last album was about three years ago and they had done some work with Gary Numan, so I’ve always been aware of them.

I also know them because I was a trustee of Calm, the suicide prevention charity, and they’re patrons of that charity, so we had connections there as well. They offered me the track and it just worked perfectly. It all seemed to fall into place.

Can you drop any hints about Come Play With Me’s third single?

Would so love to talk about it, but I can’t! We have two fantastically exciting bands from the City of Leeds, even though I’m trying to make this a Leeds City region project, but two brilliant bands came along, and we’re just getting those tracks finalised now.

Do you have any other plans in the pipeline?

I’m really eager to do a women in music event. From the public submission process, when we put a call out for artists to feature on the next single, we had a great bunch of bands come forward, but it was actually a very white, male group of bands. I know there’s a lot more than that going on in Leeds and I want to encourage a different group of musicians to come forward.

There are some great female musicians in Leeds, but I worry there’re not as many coming forward as there should be because I think there aren’t those obvious role models. I can think of a few names here and there, but they don’t easily come to mind and we need to do something about that.

Come Play With Me’s second single is available to buy online on the label’s official website or Pledge Music. It’s currently available to buy in Leeds record stores Crash and Jumbo, and all other record stores from mid-next week.

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