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Trinity Kitchen's Street Food Delights

2 March 2016
Trinity Kitchen's Street Food Delights
It’s a tough job, but someone has to review Trinity Kitchen’s latest street food vendors! If you’re not already in the know, every six weeks new vendors are given the chance to peddle their wares in the concept food court. We headed along to try out the new lineup.

Original Fry-Up Material (price range £5-£7)

Trinity Kitchen - Article 2

It’s not the first time these guys have had a spot in Trinity Kitchen, and it’s no surprise they’re back. Who doesn’t go weak at the knees when they hear the words English Brekkie Muffin? Made with juicy Blythburgh sausage patties, streaky bacon, eggs, cheese and “brekkie sauce”, it’s everything a breakfast sandwich should be.

We visited in the evening so went for a more dinner-friendly option, the Bacon Blue burger. Succulent aged grass fed beef patty with just a hint of pink at the centre, streaky bacon and homemade blue cheese sauce that drips from the brioche bun. There’s some tough burger comp in this City, and Original Fry-Up Material are certainly strong contenders.

They also get bonus points for the super friendly staff and titular The Streets reference.

Wallace and Sons (£5-£10)

You wouldn’t think it from the distinctly British sounding name, but Wallace and Sons serve responsibly sourced dishes from around the globe. For their stretch at Trinity Kitchen they’re serving Asian delicacies pork and leek or tofu gyoza; bao, a Chinese pork bun; homemade kimchi, and salted edamame.

Trinity Kitchen - Article 1

The lightly golden gyoza were just crisp enough on the outside, with a flavourful, juicy filling. The bao was superb, the 12 hour slow cooked pork shoulder simply fell apart to the touch. A personal favourite was the kimchi, a traditional Korean fermented vegetable side dish, which was perfectly hot and sour, just like good kimchi should be.

Sela Bar (price range £4-£8)

Already well-known in Leeds, the chaps from Sela Bar were on hand at Trinity Kitchen serving gourmet sandwiches (they’re onto a winner with the grilled cheese and pulled pork combo), and several of their finest ales. The Mac’n’Cheese balls are a must-have.

Keeping it simple is often the best way, and Sela were smart to realise that if you’re only going to do a few things, you need to do them really well. Comfort food at its absolute best, all served out of their new bright red camper van.

Los Churros Amigos (price range £4-£6)

Trinity Kitchen - Article 3

We like churros. Who doesn’t? In fact, we’ve even eaten churros from Los Churros Amigos in the past, so we know how top notch these guys are. Unfortunately, we were served a portion that had been sat on the side and as a result tasted a little stale. The melted chocolate dipping sauce was as delicious as remembered, and had we caught the churros fresh out of the pan they probably would have been too.

Wheely Good Coffee Company (price range £2-£3.50)

We washed down the churros with a chai latte from Wheely Good Coffee Company. Unfortunately they were out of chai tea, but they sure do know how to make a great coffee (lucky, that). Hot, rich and strong, we can feel a cheesy joke coming on, but don’t worry, we’ll refrain.

Head down to Trinity Kitchen to try out the new vendors for yourself. They’ve still got five weeks left, so you’ve got plenty of time.

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