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Welcoming Wolf Italian Street Food

17 March 2016
Welcoming Wolf Italian Street Food
Nestled amongst the bustling offices in the financial district of Leeds City Centre. Wolf is a welcome addition to Leeds' growing street food scene. Part of the Go Italian Street Food franchise, Wolf Street Food offers authentic Italian street cuisine to the hungry workers and shoppers looking for something a bit different.

Fresh fast food

Unlike many fast food chains, Wolf maintains a uniquely independent feel, with its minimal interiors and rustic decor. The exposed pipe lighting, simple wooden tables and metal bar stools offer the environment a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.

However, it's the food that sets Wolf above the rest of the competition. This is definitely not your typical fast food eatery, as everything is made using fresh local produce and prepared from scratch by the chef each morning.

When I arrive, Ashwin Borchate, Wolf's branch manager, kindly showed me around the compact, yet perfectly equipped kitchen, with a fridge stocked full with fresh meat and vegetables, which he proudly attests is 'prepared fresh each morning,' something very few fast food restaurants can claim.

Wolf St Food 2

Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to sampling what Wolf had to offer. For food, customers have the option to tailor their dish to suit their needs, which means you are in complete control over what is going into your food. The process involves picking a base (which includes pasta, piada, focaccia or a salad bowl).

The next step involves choosing a meat or a selection of fresh vegetables if you're a vegetarian. Finally, you load up with a choice of toppings from the deli counter and pick a sauce to complete your dish.

The menu also includes pizzas, freshly prepared baguettes and breakfast options. For pizza, the process is the same. You choose your choice of toppings from the deli counter – 3 toppings are £6.95, with extras at £1.50 – then it's cooked fresh whilst you wait. Price wise, Wolf is very competitively priced and great value for the amount and quality of food you get.

Wolf St Food 3

I opted for the pasta bowl with hot and spicy chicken, Mediterranean vegetables, creamy parmesan sauce and a generous sprinkling of mozzarella cheese.

Tailor-made dishes

The food was served up within a matter of minutes, whilst I eyed up the chocolate brownies behind the counter. The pasta was just the right temperature, perfect to tuck into straight away. The creamy parmesan sauce complimented the hot and spicy chicken and pasta wonderfully.

I was glad I had forgotten to eat breakfast that morning, as I wouldn't have had room for the giant slab of brownie on the table, which was perfectly crispy on the outside, if not a little dry on the inside, for somebody who likes the gooey melt-in-mouth brownie.

I very much enjoyed my lunch at Wolf, and will definitely be back for a more upmarket fast food experience next time I'm in Leeds. It's a great addition to Leeds' Street food scene and really stands out in the crowd, with its fresh ingredients and wide range of tailor-made dishes.

By Sara Emara
Sara is a Volunteer Writer for Leeds Living covering events such as eat/drink, culture vulture, strictly business and music/dance.