Conner Youngblood at the Brudenell Social Club

There is a limited number of ways to describe an artist like Conner Youngblood. This is because Youngblood doesn’t take on several stylings as an artist; he takes on many…

He put on an impressive and effortless performance at the Brudenell. Capturing his reactions to life, nature and love – Youngblood approaches his music like a voyager setting out innocently for the truth, sometimes being at one with it, and other times being bitten by it.

Youngblood had a natural rapport with the audience, explaining at the beginning of the set that they would be performing songs mainly from his latest album ‘Cheyenne’. His charm put the audience at ease whilst he surfed through the dangerous seas of his psyche. The superb drummer and bassist were totally entwined in hypnotic backbeat as Youngblood moved from instrument to instrument; guitar to bass clarinet to keyboard to guitar… his chirping, pure vocals leading the expedition, sliding into different shapes according to his musical landscapes with chameleon style.

One song that stood out was ‘My Brother’s Brother’, a song expressing Youngblood’s frustrations about being the only male in his sibling group, and how he feels this is linked to his romantic struggle with relationships. Another highlight was ‘Sulphur Springs’, with it’s vocoder vocals and cripplingly sweet chorus.

As the band continued, the room became more devotional to the experience… Youngblood’s honest, enchanting nature and modest musicianship having a mesmeric quality…

The oddity of him covering a Willie Nelson song before the encore appeared to be embedded in Youngblood’s influences, owning his take on country.

The wild song chick wore his music like chainmail that glinted and enveloped audience members.

Conner Youngblood takes you into his dreamworld and leads you out of it, leaving you in his soft grip wanting to know more…

A truly inspiring gig.

Photography by Nigel Allison (website or

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