ELO AGAIN – at Ilkley Kings Hall on 21 February

This tribute show is the UK’s most popular, I guess because of the wonderful combination of vocals, instrumentation, lighting and visual effects…..

…..and of course there’s the nostalgia factor!  It’s been described as the ultimate tribute to Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra, the more so because the show covers all of the big hits, from Roll Over Beethoven to Telephone Line to Don’t Bring Me Down.  Happy memories made live again!

This reincarnation of the age of Glam Rock celebrates a unique symphonic rock and pop of an entire generation’s unforgettable music.

The show is brought to you by Foot Soldiers Music and is part of the full Re-Discovery Tour scheduled for early 2020.  ELO AGAIN has been together now for 7 years and into their 8th year, entertaining audiences with a dramatic experience to remind you – or to show you if you’re a first-timer – what a legendary ELO concert was like.

There’s a trailer here.

You can buy your tickets here

……and here.

So – whether you’re a Sweet Talkin’ Woman or a Wild West Hero, go help Shine a Little Love on Ilkley on 21 February.   There’s no Confusion about a Livin’ Thing with ELO AGAIN.

All photographs provided by ELO AGAIN. 






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