Haelos at The Wardrobe on 24 October

This is a band going from strength to strength, making impressive waves on the live music scene.  Very welcome visitors to Leeds last Thursday night.

Haelos brought their unique sound to the Wardrobe, a venue that seemed to be the perfect place to welcome a band who bring a mix of fresh, astounding vocals and entrancing melodies to the stage.   Hælos use percussion to compliment the deep lyrics and top-notch vocals to create their own unique sound, which has gained them a rapidly growing following of loyal fans that travel far and wide to make it to their gigs.

It is clear that the trio, now foursome, were destined to meet. The charisma and camaraderie of the band was obvious as they possessed the Wardrobe stage with an energy that quickly had the whole room bouncing.  There’s the sense that they are destined for success. 

Haelos performed the crowd favourite End of World Party early on in the set.  However, it is a close call between this and their performance of Dust that was the highlight of the show. These two songs were performed with such passion that the band seemed to draw us in towards the stage, and the front of the floor was packed with beaming fans.

When I was asked to cover this gig, I had only heard a few of their more popular songs, but after a bit of research I was amazed to find out that they weren’t even more popular than they already are. In my view, and judging by the audience reaction, Haelos is ready to take over, with their ability to switch seamlessly between emotional ballads and bouncing upbeat sounds.

Hælos bring deep vocals that mix beautifully with well-timed changes of pitch and talented instrumentals throughout, an energy which saw the dance floor grow and grow throughout the night until it was a sea of hands in the air.  Big cheers went up after every song, and the raw emotion on stage was simply compelling.  It is safe to say everyone at the Wardrobe will consider this one of the best gigs this year.

Hælos are a must-see band and their anticipated return to Leeds is set to be a big one. My advice is to catch them soon, as it won’t be long until they’re selling out stadiums on major tours.

Band members are:  Lotti Bernardout, Arthur Delaney, Dom Goldsmith and Daniel Voldosola.

All photographs by Mark Wheelwright.

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